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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, November 10, 2013

You make me feel like crying/dancing.

This was not a good day.  By many accounts.

GOD will always be good, and praise HIM for even days like this.

And then to top it off, 

Boo has pink eye, and that being the case, Missy girl may have been next in line.

We treated it naturally and it is about gone.  Today, after church, we were suppose to go paint my daughter & son-in-law's home.

(BTW, have I told you how much I love their home?  She has made it so comfy and homey. Add to that that she is a good mommy, I love being there.  But my favorite part about their home?  How much they both love it.  <3  )

Anyway, the girls and I stayed home so as not to spread 'the love'.

We raked for a little while until I realized, it was dumb.  The wind was doing a good job of putting them all back on the lawn.  So I will go to Home Depot and get some bags tomorrow.

We came in and I let the girls watch The Incredibles for the first time.

They LOVED it.  :)

I watched this documentary on Netflix.

It is called Stuck, and it went through the problems of international adoption and its process.

I believed it to be about how we should do more to help the bio-parents be able to keep their children in their own home.  I am ALL for that.  

And though it did touch on that, it also gave the reality that even if they did that, there are still so.many.orphans. that are still being abandoned and in need of homes.

Watching it took me back to all out technical difficulties.  And seriously, we had difficulties up the wazoo. ( Can I say that?)   I remember the anger and tears.  You can't explain it, until you walk or crawl through it.

I highly recommend it.  It made me wish we had more money/room.

Speaking of our 'imported' jewels, they were SO excited and jealous that their brother was able to go to a ball, in which the girls attending HAD to wear ball gowns.  They have their ball gowns all ready to go.  You can have a Chinese and an African Cinderella in no time flat.  Just say the word and they will make your head spin.

Still, they loved on him before he left.

Do you think anyone will know who he is?  I was trying to talk him into wearing his batman mask.  

Her hair is almost Pocahontas long.  Which is her goal.  She has so many difficulties in her little life, and she is slowly overcoming those that she can, that letting her grow and helping her take care of her long hair is such an easy thing to do for her.  She loves it, and she can keep it until she is done.  If she is ever done.

And hey, everyday she checks to see if any of her teeth are loose.  All her little friends ( and even her little sister) have lost a tooth or two.

Hers are holding on for dear life.

Her hair is growing also.  We are so excited!!!  I am getting the hang of her hair maintenance.  Granted it has been over a year, but HEY, I started from less than no knowledge.  If that is possible.

She is getting another set of braids right before Thanksgiving.

I am still learning how to do styles.  Not real good at that, but give me some more time.

Start her laughing... oh.my. she will put a smile on your face you just can't seem to wipe off once she starts her laughter.  And it doesn't take much.

My he-wishes-he-was-a-nerd son.  He is wearing my glasses and wishing he needed them for real.

I think only those who don't have them wish they needed them.  The rest of us wish we didn't have to be bothered.

Such is life.

Anyway, he came home late and had a great time at the ball last night.

He and his friends laughed and danced and just enjoyed the night away.

These are the good things about high school.

But don't get me wrong, I wouldn't go back there for nothing!!!