Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Through the sorrows and hardships of life, and there are many, one must cling to all the joys HE gives.

I think people who are miserable, often forget to cling to them.  Hence the reason they are angry, miserable or lonely.

Life is pretty darn hard around here.  If I wanted to give in, I can pretty much go to bed 5 out of 7 days a week crying. Easy.

But as it turns out, that only happens maybe once or twice a month.

Because HE IS GOOD!!!! And as rotten as life could be...HE IS STILL GOOD!!!

We celebrated my mom's 70th birthday this past week.

My mom is awesome.  She can be the biggest nudge and the lectures never stop.  But I love her something awful.  And she is also funny as all get out.

We were over the other day, and our youngest son was crabby and mean.  She asked him a few questions about his hair, and I started crying from laughing.  They were not mean or snarky, or to annoy him, just good questions because she was curious.  Or maybe I should say, she asks those awkward questions older people ask youngens.  He was trying SO HARD not to laugh, failing miserably.  Which of course, made me laugh harder.  Which of course, made him try harder NOT to laugh.

He finally gave in.

She is awesome that way.

And I can never say it enough.  I am SO THANKFUL she lives so close.  My girls LOVE going to Nana's house.  And not just because she feeds them.  Funny thing, sometimes when we leave, I hear her accent in their talk.  :)  Who doesn't love that??!!??!  All my kids drop in.  Our oldest daughter drops in with the babies at least once a week.  Those boys are getting a treasure that they will not appreciate it until they are older.  Our oldest son will drop by their house at any given time.  After work, on the way to a friend's house, driving down the street.

We are thankful.

And of course, Samuel loves her and can't get enough.  I use it as a bride.  When he asks to go, I tell him finish your school work and we will leave as soon as you are done.  It's amazing how much work he can get done with incentive.  :P


Our first grandchild, Beautiful Boy #1 turns 3 today!!!

GOD is good.

He is coming into his own.  He is in a better place since he can now communicate.  And the things that come out of his mouth are so funny and precious and brilliant.  And I don't say that because he is my grandson.  It is more along the lines of...he is a first born.  lol.


Our oldest's first born is due any minute now!!  My daughter in law looks so beautiful.  I mean she is already beautiful, but she is radiantly beautiful.  She can't wait to hold that baby i her arms, and quite frankly, neither can I.  They are a good couple.  They accept each other's weaknesses and strengthen each other.  Their personalities are so different, it actually works.  And I am so grateful she loves my son as much as she does.  I tell her all the time, she is a joy.


18 years ago today, my brother in law passed away.  Though I am not thankful he is gone, I miss him continually and think about how different our lives would be if he was here, I am thankful he was in our lives for his season here.  He was awesome.  He is missed, still.  He allowed himself to be an instrument in the hands of his GOD.  And hence, here we are.  In HIS grace.


I put this on my blog often.  Christian saw this a while ago.  Her face lit up, the smile stretched off her face, and she started dancing just like in the video!!!


Because I have to remember.  To be thankful..  Always.

Other than the first and foremost important thing above everything, and that is Jesus, HIS Lordship and HIS role in their lives, the next thing I want my kids to leave my home knowing is...

your life is not about you.

Knowing Jesus and learning to be thankful for what you have and how abundantly you have been blessed is important.

This way, they can move on and live for HIM, for others, and in turn FIND LIFE!!!!