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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sometimes I Wonder...

This past weekend, or was it Monday?  It was Monday.  This past Monday, people came over.

At one point, I got to mentioning to someone how at the time, back in the 90s, I told my husband that when the kids grew up, we should get a Miata!!!

You know, since we were not able to have anymore children , and we were so darn young.  I was the ripe old age of 39 when our daughter went off to college.  What then??!!??!

How cute would it be to go zipping around in a cute automobile, the 2 of us, on a date night??!!?

Well, he looked at me like...OOooOOkay.

Since then, we have been blessed with 3 more children.

The Miata is no longer an option, and I will be the super duper riped old age of 58+ when our youngest is ready for college.

There is no way I am driving around in a Miata then!


Yeah, like that wouldn't look pathetic.

Anyway, so we won't get a Miata.

Instead, we get conversations like this one tonight:

(The girls have been begging for a bath for weeks.  Showers are the ritual around here.  Since we try to squeeze every minute out of a day sometimes, showers are the way to go.

Anyway, since John & Samuel went skeet shooting tonight, and I was busy but it ended around 8:30ish or so, I figured it would be ok for the girls to go to bed a little later tonight. Bath night was not a bad idea and they were deliriously delighted.

I walked in on them singing about something.  I knelt down to start washing their hair.)

Elly:  Mommy, this shampoo over here just does NOT smell good at all.

Me: Why are you smelling shampoos, Goofy Girl?

Elly: Just because, but I dont' like the smell of it.

Then, I happen to notice their eyes, which were a bit red.

Me: Did you guys use that shampoo??!!??!?

Both of them:   ***crickets***

Looking at Elly, who has a perfection complex: Els, did you use that shampoo?

She looked at me straight in the eyes and said: Yes.  Yes we did.  And it smells terrible.

Me:  Well, that is probably true since it is the dogs' shampoo.

Yes. welcome to my world.

I had used the last of Christian's shampoo on her, last week and now I had the perfect empty bottle  to make new shampoo for the dogs.

Which has vinegar in it.

Hence the red eyes.  :P

Thankfully, the dogs' shampoo is all natural.  Including the vinegar.  So it was not dangerous.


Not great for human hair.  Or eyes.


Who needs a Miata, when you have little girls who cried from laughing at themsleves, because now they think maybe they will be barking up at storm, but not to worry though...fleas & ticks will stay away for at least 10 days.

They were still laughing when they were brushing their teeth.

And gave kisses.

And when they turned out the lights.

Yes, I rewashed their hair with good shampoo.

And chuckled myself through the rest of the evening.

Seriously.  Not trading moments like that for the world.  Or a Miata.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

HA! I knew it!

Son #2 went to Mc Donalds a few weeks ago.

He had chicken Mc Nuggets.  Now mind you, I am not upset he had then.  We have never really done fast food.  Ever.  Maybe 2 or 3 times a year.  So I always figured that won't kill them.

WELL, today, he was trying to tell me something.  It took him a long time.  I was thinking he was going to confess something that would get him in trouble.

He finally said, "Mom, dad & I went to Mc Donalds the other day, on the way home from skeet shooting because we were starving and we stopped by Mc Donalds."

To which I responded:  "ok".

Duh.  So??!!? Not that I am advocating, but like I said...not going to kill him.  Hopefully.

Then came the hard part.

"I had chicken nuggets.  And they tasted disgusting!!!!!!!"

I did what any mom would do when their son has made a new amazing discovery.

I almost peed in my pants laughing.

I mean I almost powdered my nose.


Me thinks he is growing up.  Or has had enough natural organic food that his tummy revolted against...whatever those things are made out of.

And he would probably be very upset if he knew I said he has a tummy.

Because after all, he is 14.

Needless to say, his daddy ordered a salad.  :P

I had to write this down to remember.


And now off to make some more food for tomorrow meal.

I think maybe 35 or 40 people are coming.  I am always nervous about having enough food.  Maybe I should run out and get some more.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Plank

I have a plank.  I am sure if it was visible to the human eye, it is a very decent plank, probably painted and decorated.  Something others could admire in order to take away the reality of what it really is.

As I am also sure that to GOD's eye, it is ugly, full of worms and vomit, rotted and yet still strong.

It is well inbedded in my eye and I am wondering how on earth I find it so comfortable.

For those of you wo have no idea what I am talking about:

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? ~ Matthew 7:3

GOD is good, though.  HE, in HIS infinite love, doesn't let me go too far or too long staring at other's dust.  I 'periodically' look in the mirror and sigh.  Deeply.  I pray for this.  I am thankful that I am constantly reminded of just how much I need HIM.  Every single hour.

My soul hurts.

It grieves me of how much I fail HIM.

And then, at one point, after my pity party, it rejoices; because HE IS.

HE is my Reddemer.  My King.  My GOD. My Saviour.  My Hope.  My Strength.  My Direction.  My Courage.  My Healer. My Everything.

I am always sad for those who reject HIM.  I know they think they don't need HIM.  To this, the thought comes...' Yes you are a pretty good individual, probably better than me, but HOW MUCH BETTER YOUR LIFE WOULD BE WITH HIM THAN WITHOUT HIM.

That is just here on earth.

This doesn't even begin to touch life after death.

 But, you can't make 'em.  Free will, Baby.

I am also sad that we as Christians reject HIM.  In the sense that we pick and chose which of HIS teachings we will follow.

ANYWAY, the point is, my prayer is(...and yes there is an elevated beating of my heart, a twinge of fear as to what it will look like, a sense of doom) keep my humble, keep me true.

And all of those things happen.  All the time.  Tears flow fast and furious.  Heart breaks repeatedly.  Feelings are devastated. Thoughts of taking the prayers back flood my heart, mind and soul.  Anger is manifested.

But at the end of the day, there is only thankfulness.

DURING the day...not so much.

At the end of the day...   <3

I saw my plank again this morning.

Thank you, Jesus.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Water is water is water.  Right?


Let me tell you. Yesterday, I had the most AMAZING water known to mankind.  Never mind how I got my hands in this water.  All I know is that water is water is water.


We filter our water in general.  But I may have been known to drink it right out of the faucet a time or two if need be.  The taste is ok, not like filtered water or good well water.  But whatever.  It is water for crying out loud, and if I am thirsty, well doggone it, faucet water is fine.

When I took a swig of this particular water I was SHOCKED!  I mean come on, water is not something I go around taste testing or would consider myself a connoisseur.  Seriously people, I have a life. But this water....AMAZING!!!

I made Samuel taste it and he agreed.

I went to church last night and told all the ladies about this water.  They all looked at me as if I had grown a head while they weren't looking.  I guess I understand.  Who goes around talking about fabulous tasting water.  Not me, that's for sure!

Until I had THIS water!!!

I can't seem to shut up about it.

It really is THAT GOOD.

I told them that even though it was pricey, I would treat myself to it every so often because it is like a special treat.

Again, the 'how'd she grow that extra head so quickly' look appeared.

Then one of them suggested I try ice cream.  :P

I've had ice cream.  It is ok.  I rather have this water.

Moving on.

Gardens are almost done.  We almost finished the community garden yesterday.  I am pleased with the results so far.  I ended up planted the basil and cilantro in containers here at home, I would rather have easy access to them daily.

I am still using my electric blanket.  Sad, but true.  John has started to sleep on top of all the (my) blankets now.  It is a sign that summer is here.  Poor guy.  Pray for him.

I did not get to go to our state home school convention this year.  Weird.  I not only, go I work in it, too.  Like I said, weird.  I heard through the grapevine is was super small.  :::sigh:::

I suppose since we have such high expenses, we end up going to the convention, checking out the stuff, then coming home and buying it off of ebay for cheaper or a supplier that when can save money on. The hazards of living in Jersey.

Ok, the girls are cleaning their room and I should go help them, since the old adage is true, they end up playing with treasures they long lost and forget the job at hand.  Such is the life of a couple of 6ish year olds.  <3

Sunday, May 19, 2013

How Many Random Things Can I Talk About??!?!?

Busy weeks.

Like...can someone slow the train down, I would like to get off for a few minutes.

Not saying it is all work.

We DID get to go to the Brad Paisley concert 3 days ago!!!

He is such a people's person.  I know that, but he just keeps proving it over and over again.

Also, it was Beautiful Boy's 2nd birthday!!!  WOO-HOO!!  It was pretty much a monkey theme, as his favorite is Curious George.  Yes, the girls wore their first Lilly's of the Season.  <3

Funny, just having family is a party in of itself.  It is about 30 people.  You don't even really have to invite anyone else!!  lol.

My BFF gave me season 1 & 2 of Chuck for Christmas.  I was able to watch Season 1 back during Christmas break. I stayed up late in order to do so.  And watched it while ironing/gift wrapping/when I got sick/etc...  Today, I was finally able to start Season 2.  When we got home from church, it was cold and raining and seriously...movie watching kind of day.

My Love wanted to go to the city, but since our Land Cruiser needs fixin', so we are driving the Suburban....yeah, no.  It is bad enough finding a parking spot in NYC, but finding one for that size truck??!!??!


The girls discovered that they LOVE copy work, and now I can't get them to stop. lol.  They pull out the Bible and copy, copy, copy.  I am not really complaining, just find it funny.

I introduced Samuel to Kenny Rodgers today.  Who doesn't love The Gambler??!!?

  So add that toThird Day, U2, Rolling Stone, Country music and classical.  That makes a pretty well rounded individual don't you think?

ME, TOO!!!

I more than 1/2 missed a VBS prayer meeting I planned.  I lost track of time.  :::sigh:::  GOD is so good to keep me humble.

I want to watch an 80s movie.  The cheesy kind that I thought was brilliant at the time.  Next time we have a rainy day. Maybe.

I DID get to watch Silver Lining Playbook.  And I loved it.  It surprised me how much I loved it.  My son gave it to me for Mom's Day.  I thought I would just get it from Red Box, but I am glad I own it.

I am getting new dining room chairs!!  And I don't even have to fight for them.  Or wait too long.  For the simple fact that hubby & son want to buy another shot gun, but I get my chairs first.  And since they are chomping at the bit, knowing what they want, and not being able to get it with out me getting my chairs first... life is good.

We finished one part of school.  We took off a day and start summer schooling tomorrow!  At son's request.  Not high school yet, but more prep in getting ready for high school.

I am going to juice for a few days starting tomorrow.  My joints are killing me.  :(  Going to cleanse and kick start better eating.  Again.

Hubby's beard is growing back again. <3  Man, if I had gone to that country music concert and had to see all sorts of individuals, of the male persuasion, with those beards, I would have terribly upset if I did not get to come home and see my man with one sleeping next to me.

No joke.

A few weeks ago, I went to an eco-fair representing Holistic Mom's Network.  Overall, it was fun.  People were genuinely interested.  Except this one woman.  Her husband saw our sign and was intrigued.  He pointed us out to his wife and asked her to talk to us.  To which she responded with terror and fleeing.  It was slightly comical.  Did she think we are all crunchy granolas??!!?  I looked pretty normal.  Hippie is not a word people would use to describe me.  My husband...yes.  Me? No.  But he was not there!!!

Anyway, she reminded me of my relative's reactions.


My husband and I were talking about adultery during dinner tonight.  Not your usual dinner conversation, but we were talking about it in Sunday School today.  We figured, no one is immune to it.  But you can be intentional about it.  Intentionally clinging to the Cross and knowing, OH BUT BY THE GRACE OF GOD!!!!  It could happen to anyone if one is not careful.  And it is worth being careful.

Because I really do love that man like crazy.

Even when he makes me crazy.

And he is very good at making me crazy.

Also at this point, he is used to all my crazy.  After 28+ years, he knows all my warts and has seen the horror show.  (more than once)  HEY, if he has still stuck around after that....he is a keeper.

OK, that is enough randomness for tonight.  I should really go watch another Chuck.

OH wait, it is almost 1am.  Again.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is my mother's birthday!

And she is getting over being sick.  I went over and tried to convince her to let me heal her naturally, and it was working, but then she freaked and went allopathic.  It is ok.  You can lead a horse to water, but you just can't make 'em drink.

At least she felt super great at one point.

Maybe one day.

Maybe not.

Either way...

still love her loads.

Which got me thinking, I am super glad she is so close to me.  I used to think I wanted to live far away from my parents.  It never happened.  And I am thankful.

Now, if we ever move out of Jersey ( HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA), ( I said IF and that if is almost none exsistent) but if we do, I am taking them with me.

Yes, they are difficult sometimes.

Yes, they have 'their' ways.

Yes, I bet space would be fantastic sometimes.

But nope.  Not going to leave them behind.

We will celebrate on Mother's Day.  I'll pop in today, but the double celebration should be fun!

SO, guess what happened?

Go ahead.  Guess...

John shaved so close to his face, it looks like he shaved his beard off.


He used the wrong attachment.  He went to visit his friend at the hospital and when he got home last night, I about cried when I saw him.  I held it together, but I was stunned!  And sad.  And bummed.

He promised to let it grow again, it was an accident.

But it got me thinking...

Am I that shallow?

Ladies and gentlemen:   YES.  yes i am!!!

Sheesh.  Yes, he is still handsome without it.  But I LOVE HIS FACE WITH IT!!!  Yes, I love it without it, too.  But I am shallow.

Sue me.

His responce was...'at least I didn't accidently cut my hair'.

Whatever.  I am not crazy about the long hair, that accident would be ok. Welcomed, in fact.

But honey, I LOVE the beard.

My friends think I am nuts, but I have always liked beards.  I remember a conversation I had with someone when I was 7, telling them I was going to marry a man with a beard.

True story.

Shallow, people.  I'll own it.

Pray for me.

On another note, We are almost done with school.  And then we have a day or 2 off, and we start...SUMMER SCHOOL!!!  :D

Samuel was really disappointed with his writing/lit class this year, so he wants to take this summer to catch up where he thinks he should be.

Who does that??!!?

Of course, I agreed. We will add math to the bit and just concentrate on that for the summer.  Get ready for...


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

HA! And it wasn't Jersey??!!?

I read this article that came in my email box this morning.

Now, though I have never met one personally, and I have met some, I am sure there are wonderful, caring and helpful state social workers out there.  (Our social worker is from a private agency.  Since it was an international, and not state, adoption.  She is fabulous.  Very helpful and wise.)

But unfortunately, we see way too many articles like this.  WAY too often.

I am still trying to understand how this couple got stuck in this horrendous situation in the first place, since they went to ANOTHER hospital because the first one was terrible.  If anything, the 'whistle blowers' in this story should have been the ones to be terrorized, and that would have been a good cause!

The amazing part was, this did not take place in NJ!!


As one of my relatives says... New Jersey is the armpit of America.

She did stop saying that (out loud) maybe because most of the family lives here.  lol.

Well...  We do have some crazy wrong things going on.

But we are not the only ones.

See ...Jersey is infamous...

for many things.

One of which is the corruption.

We do not have the market on corruption, but we are are fighting for it.


Don't get me started.  It has been figured that about 59% of our income goes to taxes.  Between state, federal, property, buying, etc.

We are #1.



#2 most expensive.  When our daughter moved to VA, her car insurance went from $1300 to $400ish.

How is that possible??!!  Does NO ONE LOVE lawsuits in VA??!!?? sheesh. (Please note the sarcastic way that was said.)

We are the state of government workers.

*gag me*

Our children have been raised with the mentality that working for the government is like selling your soul.

In this state, it is pure evil.

Funny thing is, when we talk to people, everyone wants to work for or encourage their kids to work for the government, you know, for financial security.  But then they turn around and complain about our taxes.  And as soon as they retire, they are out of here.

You know, the brains power around here surely is lacking. 

No real thought and consequenses.


And HEY!!!  How about all those shows about Jersey.


Stupid laws galore.  

Enough said.  After all, we have to have a good reason to hire so many state workers.

OK, but to be fair, we have some pretty great things, too.

We are a tiny state with everything available.

City, beaches, skiing, hiking, history, people from every culture, color, and religion, decent seasons, mom & pop authentic restaurants from every nation, ( my favorite is the afghani restaurant), rich, poor and everything in between.

Supermarkets of every ilk, stores of every variety, just minutes from your home.  Granted this could be dangerous on your wallet, but nothing a little self control can't handle. 

We have LOADS of people moving out in droves every year.

But statistically, most of them come back.  Because living without all the opportunities Jersey has to offer is just. not. worth. it.

We are resilient.  We can take a hit.  We move on.  We are considered hard nosed, which is bizzare.  Because we are hard nosed.  No consideration required.  Still there is enough kindness in our lives.  We pull up our boot staps and help out where ever/whenever possible.  We are terrible drivers, but we can navigate any situation.  There is no double standard.  What you see is what you get. 

We are Jersey.

Personally, I have been trying to move out of the state for decades.

It is too cold for me.  My arthritis/raynauds/thyroid issues are miserable in the winter.

But the Love of My Life would die in the heat of the south.

So here we are.

And here we will stay.

Armpit and everything.

Sometimes resenting it.  Sometimes being thankful.

But always...