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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

HA! And it wasn't Jersey??!!?

I read this article that came in my email box this morning.

Now, though I have never met one personally, and I have met some, I am sure there are wonderful, caring and helpful state social workers out there.  (Our social worker is from a private agency.  Since it was an international, and not state, adoption.  She is fabulous.  Very helpful and wise.)

But unfortunately, we see way too many articles like this.  WAY too often.

I am still trying to understand how this couple got stuck in this horrendous situation in the first place, since they went to ANOTHER hospital because the first one was terrible.  If anything, the 'whistle blowers' in this story should have been the ones to be terrorized, and that would have been a good cause!

The amazing part was, this did not take place in NJ!!


As one of my relatives says... New Jersey is the armpit of America.

She did stop saying that (out loud) maybe because most of the family lives here.  lol.

Well...  We do have some crazy wrong things going on.

But we are not the only ones.

See ...Jersey is infamous...

for many things.

One of which is the corruption.

We do not have the market on corruption, but we are are fighting for it.


Don't get me started.  It has been figured that about 59% of our income goes to taxes.  Between state, federal, property, buying, etc.

We are #1.



#2 most expensive.  When our daughter moved to VA, her car insurance went from $1300 to $400ish.

How is that possible??!!  Does NO ONE LOVE lawsuits in VA??!!?? sheesh. (Please note the sarcastic way that was said.)

We are the state of government workers.

*gag me*

Our children have been raised with the mentality that working for the government is like selling your soul.

In this state, it is pure evil.

Funny thing is, when we talk to people, everyone wants to work for or encourage their kids to work for the government, you know, for financial security.  But then they turn around and complain about our taxes.  And as soon as they retire, they are out of here.

You know, the brains power around here surely is lacking. 

No real thought and consequenses.


And HEY!!!  How about all those shows about Jersey.


Stupid laws galore.  

Enough said.  After all, we have to have a good reason to hire so many state workers.

OK, but to be fair, we have some pretty great things, too.

We are a tiny state with everything available.

City, beaches, skiing, hiking, history, people from every culture, color, and religion, decent seasons, mom & pop authentic restaurants from every nation, ( my favorite is the afghani restaurant), rich, poor and everything in between.

Supermarkets of every ilk, stores of every variety, just minutes from your home.  Granted this could be dangerous on your wallet, but nothing a little self control can't handle. 

We have LOADS of people moving out in droves every year.

But statistically, most of them come back.  Because living without all the opportunities Jersey has to offer is just. not. worth. it.

We are resilient.  We can take a hit.  We move on.  We are considered hard nosed, which is bizzare.  Because we are hard nosed.  No consideration required.  Still there is enough kindness in our lives.  We pull up our boot staps and help out where ever/whenever possible.  We are terrible drivers, but we can navigate any situation.  There is no double standard.  What you see is what you get. 

We are Jersey.

Personally, I have been trying to move out of the state for decades.

It is too cold for me.  My arthritis/raynauds/thyroid issues are miserable in the winter.

But the Love of My Life would die in the heat of the south.

So here we are.

And here we will stay.

Armpit and everything.

Sometimes resenting it.  Sometimes being thankful.

But always...


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