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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sometimes I Wonder...

This past weekend, or was it Monday?  It was Monday.  This past Monday, people came over.

At one point, I got to mentioning to someone how at the time, back in the 90s, I told my husband that when the kids grew up, we should get a Miata!!!

You know, since we were not able to have anymore children , and we were so darn young.  I was the ripe old age of 39 when our daughter went off to college.  What then??!!??!

How cute would it be to go zipping around in a cute automobile, the 2 of us, on a date night??!!?

Well, he looked at me like...OOooOOkay.

Since then, we have been blessed with 3 more children.

The Miata is no longer an option, and I will be the super duper riped old age of 58+ when our youngest is ready for college.

There is no way I am driving around in a Miata then!


Yeah, like that wouldn't look pathetic.

Anyway, so we won't get a Miata.

Instead, we get conversations like this one tonight:

(The girls have been begging for a bath for weeks.  Showers are the ritual around here.  Since we try to squeeze every minute out of a day sometimes, showers are the way to go.

Anyway, since John & Samuel went skeet shooting tonight, and I was busy but it ended around 8:30ish or so, I figured it would be ok for the girls to go to bed a little later tonight. Bath night was not a bad idea and they were deliriously delighted.

I walked in on them singing about something.  I knelt down to start washing their hair.)

Elly:  Mommy, this shampoo over here just does NOT smell good at all.

Me: Why are you smelling shampoos, Goofy Girl?

Elly: Just because, but I dont' like the smell of it.

Then, I happen to notice their eyes, which were a bit red.

Me: Did you guys use that shampoo??!!??!?

Both of them:   ***crickets***

Looking at Elly, who has a perfection complex: Els, did you use that shampoo?

She looked at me straight in the eyes and said: Yes.  Yes we did.  And it smells terrible.

Me:  Well, that is probably true since it is the dogs' shampoo.

Yes. welcome to my world.

I had used the last of Christian's shampoo on her, last week and now I had the perfect empty bottle  to make new shampoo for the dogs.

Which has vinegar in it.

Hence the red eyes.  :P

Thankfully, the dogs' shampoo is all natural.  Including the vinegar.  So it was not dangerous.


Not great for human hair.  Or eyes.


Who needs a Miata, when you have little girls who cried from laughing at themsleves, because now they think maybe they will be barking up at storm, but not to worry though...fleas & ticks will stay away for at least 10 days.

They were still laughing when they were brushing their teeth.

And gave kisses.

And when they turned out the lights.

Yes, I rewashed their hair with good shampoo.

And chuckled myself through the rest of the evening.

Seriously.  Not trading moments like that for the world.  Or a Miata.

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