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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Water is water is water.  Right?


Let me tell you. Yesterday, I had the most AMAZING water known to mankind.  Never mind how I got my hands in this water.  All I know is that water is water is water.


We filter our water in general.  But I may have been known to drink it right out of the faucet a time or two if need be.  The taste is ok, not like filtered water or good well water.  But whatever.  It is water for crying out loud, and if I am thirsty, well doggone it, faucet water is fine.

When I took a swig of this particular water I was SHOCKED!  I mean come on, water is not something I go around taste testing or would consider myself a connoisseur.  Seriously people, I have a life. But this water....AMAZING!!!

I made Samuel taste it and he agreed.

I went to church last night and told all the ladies about this water.  They all looked at me as if I had grown a head while they weren't looking.  I guess I understand.  Who goes around talking about fabulous tasting water.  Not me, that's for sure!

Until I had THIS water!!!

I can't seem to shut up about it.

It really is THAT GOOD.

I told them that even though it was pricey, I would treat myself to it every so often because it is like a special treat.

Again, the 'how'd she grow that extra head so quickly' look appeared.

Then one of them suggested I try ice cream.  :P

I've had ice cream.  It is ok.  I rather have this water.

Moving on.

Gardens are almost done.  We almost finished the community garden yesterday.  I am pleased with the results so far.  I ended up planted the basil and cilantro in containers here at home, I would rather have easy access to them daily.

I am still using my electric blanket.  Sad, but true.  John has started to sleep on top of all the (my) blankets now.  It is a sign that summer is here.  Poor guy.  Pray for him.

I did not get to go to our state home school convention this year.  Weird.  I not only, go I work in it, too.  Like I said, weird.  I heard through the grapevine is was super small.  :::sigh:::

I suppose since we have such high expenses, we end up going to the convention, checking out the stuff, then coming home and buying it off of ebay for cheaper or a supplier that when can save money on. The hazards of living in Jersey.

Ok, the girls are cleaning their room and I should go help them, since the old adage is true, they end up playing with treasures they long lost and forget the job at hand.  Such is the life of a couple of 6ish year olds.  <3

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