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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Breath Deep

wHoA.  I forgot to stop by and write something!

How can that be??!!?  Maybe because I have to think through what has happened ( a lot) and then bring it down to a few points.  And then try to make it interesting.  hahahahahahahahahaha.

Moving on.

My first born is having his first born soon!!

Someone said last night, " Oh, so it's your 3rd grandson?"  um... NO  It is just as important and crazy exciting to await for this one!!!!

Is it the first grandson that will carry on the family name.

And no, I'm not 'that' kind of a person, but there is something special in thinking that my father in law's legacy and name will continue.

He was much loved.   And our first born was his first grandson.  It was a big deal to him.

And, then, like I said...my first born's first born.  <3

The baby shower is this weekend.  She is due in about 3 weeks or so.  I am fairly bursting in anticipation.

Elles is going to the eye doctor next week.  She goes often.  She has a crazy eye that has been tamed without surgery so far, thankfully.  This time we will see if she has to wear glasses.  :O  Preparing either way. Hoping she doesn't.

Her reading has gotten so much better.  Her eye doctor said it would take time.  It did, but/and I am so proud of her!

My mom will be 70 years old soon.  70!!  So awesome to watch her still conquering life.  So awesome to see her plugging away; to hear her laughter. ( and yes, still get her lectures, though I am not sure that is in the awesome column ) SO thankful she is only 8 minutes from the house.  The girls love her and she teaches them things that I never could.

Baby Boy #1 is going to be 3 soon!  May is just chock full of celebrations.  We have loads during that month.  My nephews' birthdays ( though they live far away so we don't get to celebrate ) my mom's, grandson's, new grandson's, parent's anniversary, Mother's Day... It is a beautiful month to live through, though busy.

Most of school is almost done and should be done by the end of May/beginning of June.  We will still be doing math most of the summer, though will take off when we are away.  lol.  This was a good year.  Learn so much and then so much more than book work.  As we walked through British Lit. this year, I, once again realized just how much there is to learn from good literature.  And lo and behold, the kids actually enjoyed it, too!  Well, for the most part.  ;)

How is triathlon training going?  Can we hit the rewind button and make believe that never existed?

Thank you.

We got our summer vacation home.  It is all but a few houses, walking distance from the beach.  The bummer part will be that our son, DIL and grandbaby will not be joining us this year.  :::sigh::: woe-to-me.  But everyone else will be there.  Every year, my hope is that the love-of-my-life-that-makes-me-700-kinds-of-crazy will be able to just relax and enjoy and not be harried for a week.  I'm not a fan of the beach, but it really is not about me.  The plan is to go to the beach, play games, do our huge puzzle, go out for ice cream, and maybe go into town for the day.  That is it.  And play with the kiddos and grandbabies.  That is always fun.

So, this is longer than necessary.  I am sure that by now, I lost 3 of the 4 people that read this blog.

OH!  Samuel started pugilism a while back.  It has been good for him and he loves it.  The other night during dinner, he was telling us about one of the guys.  Missy-girl asked him how come he knows every person's name.  His response was something to the effect of: 'it is just plain polite to know the name of the person you will punch in the face'.

He is getting more fit and sleeping slightly better.  When he comes home from the gym he smells...athletically. :P  I remember that from Hoop's ice hockey days.

Anyway...like I said, it's good for him.  I spoke with loads of coaches before deciding on a gym, and I really like his coach.

We will see what happens.  It is something he can do forever if he wants to.

I will get a picture on here one of these days.

OK, off ot finish school.  I think the quiet work part of their school is done... as evident by the laughter.

I leave you with this...
 Spring cleaning is definitely in the air. ( we dewinterized our chicken coop and the smell was...just wrong.  Our poor neighbors.  But now it is just fine.  :D  )

Spring fun.

Spring Fever.

Life is good.

GOD is always better,