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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Rat Race

I was reading a blog this morning.

This is quite monumental because lately, for the past few months, I haven't had time to read blogs.  Not that I read a whole lot of blogs.  I only read a few, but still...


I was reminded!!

I remembered that I have no desire to have a spot in that nightmare of a race!!

Yes, it's true.  I had forgotten

I have to admit, except for my kitchen, and I really have to get over that, I am starting to enjoy my little home.  I don't think I want to ever go bigger because...why? ( except, of course, my kitchen.  lol)

It has been a long time since I felt the need to impress people.  It has been a long time since I felt so insecure that I 'needed' the perfect home to feel complete.  It has been a long time since I compared myself to what others have.  It has been along time since I went over someone's house, and I asked them where they got 'that', whatever 'that' may have been, knowing it was beyond our budget.

Don't get me wrong, I want my home to look nice and I buy things that we like/enjoy/need. ( usually at the thrift store) ( or at least on clearance) I just don't have a need to be like someone else.  Or like I said...impress anyone.

I mean, seriously.  I drive a 20 year old truck.

But it works!

And until we have to buy a new old truck, so be it.

I want my girls to love being simple.  I don't want them to 'need' anything, just enjoy them.

This may sound like a contradiction, but they are both getting their own American Girl dolls this Christmas.  It is going to be their only present from us.  They are thrilled beyond reason.  They will play the stuffing out of those dolls.  They are worth buying.

But that's what I mean.  This is going to give them so much joy.  If I got them the dolls because I felt like I needed to because all their friends have them ( I honestly don't know if any of their friends have them, and I don't care) but they didn't even like playing with dolls, then I would be a fool just teaching them to keep up with The Jones'.

We are sacrificing because the girls will love them.

Our oldest daughter was going through the catalogue with the girls as they are trying to decide which doll they want.  Our 26 year old was just as excited as she remembered her own childhood, remembering when she was old enough to get her doll, and yes, playing the stuffing out of them with her friends.  For years.

I want to know my neighbors better.

Our house is the neighborhood house.  I have kids at my house almost everyday.  I look out my back window and see kids playing and hear shrieks of laughter.  The parents keep asking me if it is ok, I keep telling them they make it easy for me.

I have a neighbor whose name is Babette.  She lives 5 doors down.  If you have ever watched Gilmore Girls, yes, she lives up to the name.  TOTALLY.  And though her husband's name is not Morey, he may as well be named Morey.

The other day, I was sitting on my bench, enjoying the morning sun on my porch with a cup of tea, getting ready for the day.

Babette was coming back from her walk, and she yelled at the top of her lungs, in her raspy voice " HEY BEAUTIFUL!!!  I'LL BE OVER LATER!!!" as she waved and kept walking.

I just laughed and waved back.   Because when was the last time someone called me 'hey beautiful!'?


Or when we walk into our favorite mom & pop shops, and all the workers know all of my family by name.  They ask about John.  They help me decide because they know us.  They laugh with us,  we share stories.

Yes, we spend a little more money, but we are buying less over all.  So why not support the locals when we can??!!?

And yes, I still shop at walmart.  lol.


The reason I am writing about this is because I hope you remember.

I hope you realize one day that all the money in the world will not buy you real friends and family.

As impressive as you are, if you are selling your life away to be able to brag, what do you have left??!? Is it worth it?

Is it possible to have both money and real life?

I have met maybe 2 people who have pulled it off, but it was a deep discipline for them.

Nothing wrong with money.

It is a tool.

Just, do I want my children to be tools in order to get loads of it??!!?


That being said.  My youngest son is planning his spot in the Rat Race.  He is thinking maybe near the front.  :P

I continue to pray for him because once, someone talked to him about what to do to make money, and he came home and decided we, as his parents, were losers.

Well, all I can say is... we love him. Deeply.

And our prayer is that he doesn't pursue that which is nothing but dust.  I told him he loves family, hobbies, all the things he does with his dad, his grandparents, his nephews and siblings, the outdoors.  All that will be sacrificed at the altar of the Rat Race.

He can still pick it.  And we will love him unconditionally.

But man.

That would be horrible for him.  And our family.

On another completely different note.

We started listening to Christmas music!!!

I love Christmas music, and quite frankly, one month is never enough time to have my fill.  It is hard waiting until the day after Halloween to start.  But man, when it comes, the girls come scrambling down the stairs and wait for it!!

I love Christmas music.

That being said, I refuse to decorate until after Thanksgiving.

Ok, we really have to start school.  The girls are reading and coloring right now.  And creating puppets.    Samuel is doing his history while watching the news. I need to go and join the fun.

OH!  and how much do I LOVE Instagram??!!??!  Let me count the ways!!!  It makes having a smartphone worth it.

Life is good.

Because GOD is good.  All the time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

wOw, I stink at this.

SO, have I mentioned life is good?

It pretty much is.

Not that we don't have super crummy days/weeks/months, but over all, life is good.

Probably because GOD is great.

School has started and the one thing I regret is not having Boo read every week during the summer.  Catching up has been the pits.  But she is getting there slowly but surely.  She has her issues, but we will over come.  It will take her longer to learn and do thing than her little sister, but we shall over come anyway.

On the other hand, Missy-Girl is flying in her reading.  She catches on so much faster and better.  I am as proud of her as I am of Boo who has to work hard for everything.

Yup.  School is in full swing.  Son #2 is finally taking his schooling seriously.  For the most part.  It is something I have been working on and praying for for years.  As I have mentioned before, I really want to make it so he can go to college if he wants to, but at the end of the day, it is his efforts that are going to make it happen.

On another note, teaching this boy just basic morals and life skills is going to kill me.

He is worth all the heartache.

I have never understood people who let their kids determine their own truths.  Sometimes I can't help but think they have to be the laziest, stupidest ( I know not a real word...), most uncaring parents on the face of the earth.  But I have to let that go.  You have to teach them, and then they can decide for themselves.  Free will, baby.

But not even giving them a chance??!?

Man, that makes me insane.

Moving on.

Reagan is getting bigger by the minute!!

She is so cute and she started her obedience school yesterday.

Kipper is trying to figure out what we were thinking.

She has the sweetest face, and she is so good.  We can walk her around the yard without a leash, and she can hang out in the front of the house with us, enjoying the great outdoors and not try to run away.

She really is delightful.

We booked our trip for our 30th anniversary in January!!!

We are going to Iceland!!

After booking and getting everything, I thought maybe I should check the weather.

I thought it said -25F.  I just about fell out of my chair, thinking I had made the biggest mistake ever.  Thankfully, I was wrong.  It is just about the same as here.

The only thing is there are only 5 1/2 hours of daylight when we go.

Since we just couldn't afford to go to my dream place on earth ( Patagonia) we did the next thing we both always wanted to do:

Go see The Northern Lights with our own 4 eyes.

I am so excited and can't wait.  John is thrilled, even if he has to fly.

It will be good.

After doing the research for Patagonia and finding no good deals or hope, he asked me...'why don't we just go to Europe or something?'

Europe just seems so...

Well, I would have had a good time, but I wanted to go someplace that was naturally beautiful.  A place that you can walk out and be amazed by nature and you mind blown away by GOD's imagination.

I think Iceland will do it.

So, I got a smart phone.

Woe to me.

My husband made me get it.

I had already picked out my new nifty slider phone.  I was thrilled!!!  Then he showed up at the phone store and popped my bubble.

We had a 'discussion' in front of GOD and everybody, and not realizing it until our 'discussion' was over 20 minutes later, we sure made a scene that was entertaining to the workers and customers alike. 



It still sits on my purse and not my pocket.  I still wear a watch. I have yet to hold it for days on end like I see most SP people do.

I DO like instagram.


But I could have just checked it on hubby's phone ever few days.

Now I have my own account.  :D

OK, that is fun.  But that is about it.

Oh, and texting is easier than my old flip phone. 

I don't have my facebook on it.  Sheesh, who needs that much access to FB at all times??!?!

Speaking of FB, my niece was telling me how you can be tracked down and stalked on FB by undesirables, including the government.

Though I let her tell me, I kept thinking, I thought everybody knew that!!

I mean just owning a cell phone can do that.  No facebook/smartphone needed.

In fact, I know so many others things that can keep tabs on us it is terrifying.

But at the same time, I am pretty sure everyone in my family has been flagged by the gov. at this point.   :P  I would be surprised if we are not. I would happy, but like I said...I'm pretty sure it is a done deal.

I think it is funny when people take measurements to hide themselves, as though it worked.

The only way to do that is to have no computer/ cell phone/ telephone/ tablet or iPad/ gps /onstar/ just about everything that is connected. 

To think that you can hide, is almost laughable. 

Except that I would like to think that, too.  LOL.

Or I should say, in my ignorance, I would like to think I am not important enough for anyone to care.

Which is true, but should they care...it will take no effort on their part to find me.


Few people are that good at hiding.  Or have the resources to do so.


This post is way too long!!!

Until next time...

seek HIM deeply.

It is always worth the effort.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

August, Fat Chickens, and Puppies.


It's August.

Just in case you didn't know, are stuck in a cave, every single calendar at your disposal burned up or was stolen, I thought I would mention that colossal fact.

No seriously, I can't believe it.

In 4 days, Missy Girl will celebrate her Gotcha Day!!  We will once again be on vacation for that day.  The other night, we were having dinner and I happen to mention that fact that this wonderful day is coming up.  When asked what she wanted to do special, her first choice was going out for ice cream.


But then she quickly changed her mind.

This is the conversation that took place:

Missy: Mommy, do you remember that time daddy got that really really fat chicken?

Me: Wait, like in the backyard?

Missy:  NNnnooOOOOooOOOo.  LOL.  He bought it home one day and we ate it.

Me: We ate a fat chicken??!!?!  What does that mean??!!?

Then it dawned on me.  We are pretty much an organic/ healthy eating family.  For the most part.  One time, yes, people, ONE TIME, he got KFC, I don't even think she spoke English well, yet.  Yet...  


Missy:  YES!!!!  It is my favorite.  It was delicious, and I love it more than anything.

Samuel:  ***on the ground laughing***

So, hopefully, CC has a KFC around.  And we will have it for her Gotcha Day.  

Moving on.  Back in the beginning of May, our Daisy passed away.  I has devastated.  I had no intention of ever replacing her.  Ever.  And so we won't.  We are not replacing her, she is irreplaceable ; we are just getting a dog for Samuel.  

We have been talking about it for a month now.  Over a month actually.  At first I whined about it.  Now I am okay with it.  Since it will be his dog, he is going to walk her, go to obedience school with her, she will be his shadow.  He is very happy with that.  I told him he even has to take her on dates.  He was good with that, too.  lol.

After finding out what he wanted in a dog, I looked it up and it was pretty much narrowed to a few dogs.  The most predominant being a golden retriever and the breed we are getting.  I didn't pick the golden because, well quite frankly, I didn't want to.  And then at the end of the day, he picked the other breed anyway, so it all worked out great. 

 I talked to the breeder and we get her the Monday after we come back from vacation.

I guess I need more work in my life.

But then, she IS his dog.  And we went through all the responsibilities.  He is excited.  He even named her already.

Now to make sure his room is clean and ready for the dog & the crate.

School begins soon.   WOO- HOO!!!!  It is exciting stuff.   We have all our stuff ready to go.  Mostly. 

We, here in the northeast start school right after Labor Day.  I have heard it say, the south already started!!!  SHEESH.  Talk about killing summer.

Ok, I need to go.  Packing to do, house to prepare for the house/dog sitter, water the parent's garden, run to Trader Joe's...

You get it.

Till next time, which I hope is sooner than later.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I want to quit my job and become...

Yup.  I was talking to my friend last night at the church dinner.

This was pretty much the conversation:

Me: You know, I am going to quit my job and become an enviormentalist.

Her: Really?

Me: yup.

Her: ( trying not to laugh at me.  Again) What does that mean?

Me: Well, I don't want to quit being a mom or homeschooling, and as tempting as my husband sometimes makes it for me to be ok with quitting being a wife, I really don't want to quit that either.  But maybe I will go live in a yurt in South America or something.

Her:  ****looks at me with laughter in her eyes****

Me: shut up.


That is my new goal.  Not that it will happen because lets face it, my husband is a contractor and living in a yurt is not a selling point to potential customers. Assuming there are customers in yurt areas. Or electricity for that matter.  Or your typical American necessities, which are not necessary every where else in the world. 

Not to mention...he can't leave Jersey, can you imagine him willing to leave the USA??!!??!  


But it was a good idea.  To me.  For this week, anyway.

Back to reality.

11 more days until VBS!!!  I am nervous and excited and terrified.  We are a small church and our name has gotten around.  Which is GREAT!  But it doesn't help the we are a small church with small classrooms situation.  We already divided a class.  WOO-HOO!!  YIKES!  But then I remembered, HE is in control.  HE will provide.  May HIS name be glorified!  <3


SO, I gained 15 pounds this past winter.


15 pounds added to that other weight I have to lose.

And now... on to a BIG problem.  

One that shouldn't affect us a homeschoolers, but of course, it does.

Common Core.

I guess the reason it bothers me is, well, quite frankly, it affects my community.  My neighbors' kids, my friends' kids, our future generation.

I have heard all the wonderful things about Common Core given to us by the NEA.  Kind of like a drug dealer telling you why drugs will improve your life and how he is doing you the biggest favor by providing you with this wonderful product.  So, as any normal and reasonable thinker, not even brilliant thinking, just ordinary, what one does at this point is... look at the other side, weigh the differences, see the results, ask good questions, research, and come up with your own opinion.

I am STUNNED by people who swallow camels without wondering and questioning or refusing to see all sides because it is what they want, who cares about anything else.

Whatever.  I pity them.  I will be there if they ever fall or need someone to talk to.  But it doesn't stop the 'stunned' factor.

Back to CC.

I read this blog post.  The Bye Bye Parents post.

It is disturbing on all levels.  

When we will stop being dumb sheep with a crummy shepherd, thinking that the government is the answer to all out problems.  You know who does that?  Lazy, control freaks of nature.


An oxymoron, but that is the reality.


And before you think I am an anti-government weirdo, let me assure you, I am a regular weirdo.  I don't have a problem with government.  I just have a problem with government being in control of everything.

Can we say...chaos??!!??!

I am not an anarchist, either.

Again, can we say...chaos??!!??!

We have gotten so far from our roots, its like the lady who colored her hair so often all sorts of shades and colors, she no longer remembers what she looked like, but refuses to let who she is suppose to be come back because she is afraid.  So she keeps doing what she is doing even when she is tired of it.  

Fear is a good motivator.

Use by someone so evil, they can't convince someone of goodness because they have nothing good to offer.  

So they use terror.

Stinks like all get out.

I am thrilled that some states are opting out of CC.

But I doubt that we will.  After all, we are the Northeast.

The stubborn mules of stupidity. 

New England as well as New Jersey and New York are poster children of "You can't tell us what do it, even if its good for us because we know it all, even if we pick bad things, we won't go back even though we know its wrong, because we are too proud and arrogant".  

That's our motto.  Imagine that on our license plates??  At the very least it would be the last honest thing we did.  Granted our plates would be as big as the back bumper.

But in reality, the rest of the nation knows it, without it being on our plates.  :P

Still doesn't stop me from praying we sill opt out of CC, too.

But who knows?

Maybe the chaos our nation is determined to get itself into is just one step closer to HIM coming back!!!


Maranatha!!!  Come Lord JESUS! COME!!!

The reality is, HE is King.  It doesn't matter whether you believe in HIM or not.  HE does not need your belief to exist!  

HE IS!!!!!

And HIS WORD is true.

I am thankful I am HIS.

And I am sorrowful for those who have rejected HIM.

All to say, seek HIM today.

If you know HIM, seek HIM deeper and greater.

And if you do not, seek HIM. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

WHAT??!!?? I just wrote yesterday!!!

So, I had to write this because sometimes I just want to make sure I remember.

Granted, I don't have a habit or the time to read what I wrote, and I'm sure the 2 of you who are reading this wonder why I keep it up... of course assuming there are 2 left.  :P

...well, here is why.

The other day, when I was with my daughter's sisters in law, yes I love them and they are like family members, Christian looked at one of them and " You look different."  When asked what was different, she said, with a straight face, " You have polka dots on your face!!!!"  AKA, freckles.

And how my African daughter wishes she had polka dots on her own face.

My delightful daughters, the blessings of my old age, the joys and delights.

GOD is good.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

It has been an awesome busy month.

GOD is good.  


We went to 2 of our niece's college graduations!!

So proud of them.

We had birthdays, graduations, getting ready for VBS this month, doing research and getting stuff ready for a book club at my house, (because yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have no life so I add more.  :P ), finishing up school with kids who have MAJOR schoolitis, putting transcripts together, driving to activities, starting the garden, having people over for grill meals, dealing with a dryer that doesn't work, not training well for the triathlon, and of course, getting ready for a mission trip and all that that entails, in which preparations started 3 weeks ago.  

And though there is more, I rather not think about it anymore.  I may crawl back to bed.

I got to spend 2 days with my nephew.  I miss him, and I hope he enjoyed our time together.  I sure did.  

I hope we get to see him and his brother when we go on vacation.

I seriously miss those 2.

And look who got a haircut!!

Boo is SO happy with 'A FREE HEAD, MOMMY!"

It wasn't long enough to donate, or she could have cut it shorter, but her hair is one of the things I give in to her choice.

Did I mention my parents went back to the old country.  AGAIN??!!??

They did.  They hadn't been home for 3 months and they went back.

Granted they went for a wedding, so...fine.

But still, I am not crazy about them travelling at their age so much.

Not to mention I miss them.

I'll get over it.  But I will give my mom a hard time about it, because after all, she taught me how to master guilt. 


Moving on.

My son is trying to find himself.

I think that is fantastic.

The only thing is, I have been praying about a good mentor for him.  Not one that will feed him worldly garbage, but one that will give him a vision, where GOD is most important.  One that will pray for him and his heart.  One that will care enough about him, and teach him honor, grace, humility and most of all faith.

Though he is fighting me, at the end of the day, I am his parent, and that's that.  Who ever wants to fight me for him, will have a really bad and ugly fight ahead of them.  I love him too much.

That being the case, we signed up for a SAT/PSAT class this summer.  At his request!!  That funny part is, he has to be at the place at 9am.  The place is am hour away, so he has to wake up early ( for him) during the summer.

Excuse me for a minute.


Thank you.

I am excited for him.  

Still funny seeing as his brain start to really work at around 8pm and stays awake for hours.

OK.  Off to yet another graduation.  But this time it is high school.  

Life is good.

GOD is awesome.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Through the sorrows and hardships of life, and there are many, one must cling to all the joys HE gives.

I think people who are miserable, often forget to cling to them.  Hence the reason they are angry, miserable or lonely.

Life is pretty darn hard around here.  If I wanted to give in, I can pretty much go to bed 5 out of 7 days a week crying. Easy.

But as it turns out, that only happens maybe once or twice a month.

Because HE IS GOOD!!!! And as rotten as life could be...HE IS STILL GOOD!!!

We celebrated my mom's 70th birthday this past week.

My mom is awesome.  She can be the biggest nudge and the lectures never stop.  But I love her something awful.  And she is also funny as all get out.

We were over the other day, and our youngest son was crabby and mean.  She asked him a few questions about his hair, and I started crying from laughing.  They were not mean or snarky, or to annoy him, just good questions because she was curious.  Or maybe I should say, she asks those awkward questions older people ask youngens.  He was trying SO HARD not to laugh, failing miserably.  Which of course, made me laugh harder.  Which of course, made him try harder NOT to laugh.

He finally gave in.

She is awesome that way.

And I can never say it enough.  I am SO THANKFUL she lives so close.  My girls LOVE going to Nana's house.  And not just because she feeds them.  Funny thing, sometimes when we leave, I hear her accent in their talk.  :)  Who doesn't love that??!!??!  All my kids drop in.  Our oldest daughter drops in with the babies at least once a week.  Those boys are getting a treasure that they will not appreciate it until they are older.  Our oldest son will drop by their house at any given time.  After work, on the way to a friend's house, driving down the street.

We are thankful.

And of course, Samuel loves her and can't get enough.  I use it as a bride.  When he asks to go, I tell him finish your school work and we will leave as soon as you are done.  It's amazing how much work he can get done with incentive.  :P


Our first grandchild, Beautiful Boy #1 turns 3 today!!!

GOD is good.

He is coming into his own.  He is in a better place since he can now communicate.  And the things that come out of his mouth are so funny and precious and brilliant.  And I don't say that because he is my grandson.  It is more along the lines of...he is a first born.  lol.


Our oldest's first born is due any minute now!!  My daughter in law looks so beautiful.  I mean she is already beautiful, but she is radiantly beautiful.  She can't wait to hold that baby i her arms, and quite frankly, neither can I.  They are a good couple.  They accept each other's weaknesses and strengthen each other.  Their personalities are so different, it actually works.  And I am so grateful she loves my son as much as she does.  I tell her all the time, she is a joy.


18 years ago today, my brother in law passed away.  Though I am not thankful he is gone, I miss him continually and think about how different our lives would be if he was here, I am thankful he was in our lives for his season here.  He was awesome.  He is missed, still.  He allowed himself to be an instrument in the hands of his GOD.  And hence, here we are.  In HIS grace.


I put this on my blog often.  Christian saw this a while ago.  Her face lit up, the smile stretched off her face, and she started dancing just like in the video!!!


Because I have to remember.  To be thankful..  Always.

Other than the first and foremost important thing above everything, and that is Jesus, HIS Lordship and HIS role in their lives, the next thing I want my kids to leave my home knowing is...

your life is not about you.

Knowing Jesus and learning to be thankful for what you have and how abundantly you have been blessed is important.

This way, they can move on and live for HIM, for others, and in turn FIND LIFE!!!!  

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Breath Deep

wHoA.  I forgot to stop by and write something!

How can that be??!!?  Maybe because I have to think through what has happened ( a lot) and then bring it down to a few points.  And then try to make it interesting.  hahahahahahahahahaha.

Moving on.

My first born is having his first born soon!!

Someone said last night, " Oh, so it's your 3rd grandson?"  um... NO  It is just as important and crazy exciting to await for this one!!!!

Is it the first grandson that will carry on the family name.

And no, I'm not 'that' kind of a person, but there is something special in thinking that my father in law's legacy and name will continue.

He was much loved.   And our first born was his first grandson.  It was a big deal to him.

And, then, like I said...my first born's first born.  <3

The baby shower is this weekend.  She is due in about 3 weeks or so.  I am fairly bursting in anticipation.

Elles is going to the eye doctor next week.  She goes often.  She has a crazy eye that has been tamed without surgery so far, thankfully.  This time we will see if she has to wear glasses.  :O  Preparing either way. Hoping she doesn't.

Her reading has gotten so much better.  Her eye doctor said it would take time.  It did, but/and I am so proud of her!

My mom will be 70 years old soon.  70!!  So awesome to watch her still conquering life.  So awesome to see her plugging away; to hear her laughter. ( and yes, still get her lectures, though I am not sure that is in the awesome column ) SO thankful she is only 8 minutes from the house.  The girls love her and she teaches them things that I never could.

Baby Boy #1 is going to be 3 soon!  May is just chock full of celebrations.  We have loads during that month.  My nephews' birthdays ( though they live far away so we don't get to celebrate ) my mom's, grandson's, new grandson's, parent's anniversary, Mother's Day... It is a beautiful month to live through, though busy.

Most of school is almost done and should be done by the end of May/beginning of June.  We will still be doing math most of the summer, though will take off when we are away.  lol.  This was a good year.  Learn so much and then so much more than book work.  As we walked through British Lit. this year, I, once again realized just how much there is to learn from good literature.  And lo and behold, the kids actually enjoyed it, too!  Well, for the most part.  ;)

How is triathlon training going?  Can we hit the rewind button and make believe that never existed?

Thank you.

We got our summer vacation home.  It is all but a few houses, walking distance from the beach.  The bummer part will be that our son, DIL and grandbaby will not be joining us this year.  :::sigh::: woe-to-me.  But everyone else will be there.  Every year, my hope is that the love-of-my-life-that-makes-me-700-kinds-of-crazy will be able to just relax and enjoy and not be harried for a week.  I'm not a fan of the beach, but it really is not about me.  The plan is to go to the beach, play games, do our huge puzzle, go out for ice cream, and maybe go into town for the day.  That is it.  And play with the kiddos and grandbabies.  That is always fun.

So, this is longer than necessary.  I am sure that by now, I lost 3 of the 4 people that read this blog.

OH!  Samuel started pugilism a while back.  It has been good for him and he loves it.  The other night during dinner, he was telling us about one of the guys.  Missy-girl asked him how come he knows every person's name.  His response was something to the effect of: 'it is just plain polite to know the name of the person you will punch in the face'.

He is getting more fit and sleeping slightly better.  When he comes home from the gym he smells...athletically. :P  I remember that from Hoop's ice hockey days.

Anyway...like I said, it's good for him.  I spoke with loads of coaches before deciding on a gym, and I really like his coach.

We will see what happens.  It is something he can do forever if he wants to.

I will get a picture on here one of these days.

OK, off ot finish school.  I think the quiet work part of their school is done... as evident by the laughter.

I leave you with this...
 Spring cleaning is definitely in the air. ( we dewinterized our chicken coop and the smell was...just wrong.  Our poor neighbors.  But now it is just fine.  :D  )

Spring fun.

Spring Fever.

Life is good.

GOD is always better,

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

North Carolina

SO, let it be known that though one of my biggest dreams is to move to the south, NC is not the place I wish to live.

Which is funny, because I find myself really liking NC music.

And this bothers me.


See, its folksy.

And it makes me think I should be a folksy hippie or something.

And if you know me, I am neither folksy nor hippie.

At all.


Regardless, I so enjoy the Avett Brothers.  I got the cd for my oldest son, and ended up liking it more than he does.

They are in the city in 3 days, and I will not be there because there is no way I can make it, specially after I tell you where I will be tomorrow. Later.

I did not go to high school in the 60s or 70s when folk music was around, I was still in elementary school in the late 70s, and we all know just how much we don't care about music in elementary school.

When I got to high school, I was into bands like Tears for Fears and David Bowie and U2 before they became U2 and I had to go into the city to buy their albums because no one had them here in Jersey.

And now, how much do I LOVE JMM

Loads and loads.

I am discovering more NC bands, and...I can't believe how much I like them.

Not cool.

And no, I do not like them because of their beards.  duh.

Though, let's get real...I have always been a fan of beards.  

Speaking of, my husband, who has a fabulous beard,

( granted the long hair is not my cup of tea, but if it helps keep the beard...)

came home one night and told me he read that the razor companies and having record low sales lately.

They are stressing and trying to come up with advertising to reverse this trend.

All I can say is, I had begged my husband to grow a beard since we got married.  29 years ago.  I couldn't care less if the trend goes away.

I will always be a fan of beards.  Always have been.  Always will be.

 And I will ALWAYS hope he never shaves it.


Disclaimer: Not a big fan of the long beard.  Though I enjoy DD, those beards are too much for my taste. lol. 

Back to the original topic.  :p

I need to find some other taste in music to offset this style.


NOW, on to where I am going this week.  Tomorrow to be exact.

My husband got me tickets to go see ROCKY on Broadway!!!!


I KNOW!!!!  RIGHT??!!??

Again, another one of my loves.

We have ringside seats!!!!

I think he loves me.  <3   :)  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


When my daughter moved from VA Beach to Jersey, oh wait, maybe it was from her from her rental to her next location, or her next location to her home now...regardless, it was in one of her many moves ( with babies in tow) that happened in a year and a half, she had this book in a give away box.

I saw it and grabbed it.

I don't know why.

Being the minimalist that she is, she gave me a mini lecture as I was taking it, making sure I would really read it and not take it just because and now it will be in my home creating clutter.  ( she is her father's child to the core)

Well, I did want to read it.  I don't know why.  This guy never appealed to me, and I was not 'into' his music and really, I have about 8 books I have to read ( in my nook, no clutter), but for some reason, I took it anyway.

Despite her look, lecture and as well as my husband's right behind her, I bought it home.  It has been 'creating clutter' for more than a few months.

Well, last week, my nook spazzed out and I haven't had time to go to B&N to get it fixed.

So the old concept of reading a paper book came back into my life.

This book was front and center.  I still ignored it.  For a few days.

But then I grabbed it and walked around with it and put it down where I was and grabbed it again, but didn't really open it to read it until bed time.

Just didn't want to or thought it would be boring-ish, and like I said, I never really had an interested to begin with.

Now I chalk it up to...' Its a GOD thing'.

I have wept several times while reading this book.

And it has bought me back to the Throne.

HE is so good to me.  I hadn't realized how laxed I had become in my faith.  I hadn't realized I was wading the ocean flat on my back instead of working the waves.

The funny part is, I like this guy more and more with each page.  I did not expect that.  I was just interested to see ...what happened.  More of a gossipy heart than a searching heart.

He is so not my kind of 'hero', and oh how he would hate to be thought of that way.  Just read the book.  But now, I so wish I was more like him.  I am not finished, and I a reading it WAY more slowly, to savor the words as well as the faith.  Last night, I read some excerpts to Samuel out loud.  It humbled him, too.  He didn't want to hear it, but he was glad he did.

Anyway, I think this book it a keeper.  For me.

On another note.

I miss my mom.  She is  at the motherland visiting.  She visits for weeks on end.  The girls miss her, too.  When we go to the house to check up on it, they mope around and ask how much longer.  Samuel has a count down calendar, and he is 15.  He already has expressed she has to come over for dinner the day after she gets home. She is a good grandmother.  And she feeds them.  :)

Less than 3 months until Precious Grandson #3 is born, but he will be #1 from our firstborn. Have I mentioned being a grandmother is such a blessing?? There really is nothing like being a mom.  Except being a grandmom.  I love both roles and am thankful for the privilege.  Even being a mother in law is a delight.  I love my children in law dearly.  They are more than I could have hoped for for my children.  I had nothing to do with the pickin' and choosin' but I did have something to do with the raisin', so they would make good choices, and trusted that.  They did good.  <3  ( I know, I know, it should be 'they did well ', and the grammar lady in my is wanting to change it, but let's move on.)

HE is good.  ALL THE TIME.

Remember to always seek HIS face.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

This Good Day, It Is A Gift From YOU.

Life is so very devastatingly hard.  

But GOD is so amazingly good.

And our hardships are often caused by our sin.  Or at the very least, sin in this world.  

But usually it's us.

And thankfully, HE is merciful anyway.

Well, it's February, which means it is about that time of the year that we put down the deposit on the summer house.

Specially since we are not going to Martha's Vineyard.  That would have required we do that at the beginning of January.

I miss going there.  I don't miss the whole ferry fiasco of getting there, but very much enjoy the island itself. I can't wait for Obama to get out of the White House so we can start going back!!  I was so sick and tired of being there the same week he was there.  :P ::: gag:::  No matter what week we would choose, whether it was the last week in July, the first week in August, the second week in August, there he was.

We vowed not to go back until he is gone.

I even know what house we will rent when we DO get to go back!  We rented it before and it was my favorite.

I can't wait.


Boo had her birthday. 

She is 7.


She is the age I was when I first came to America!  I was telling the girls about my journey here.  It fascinated their little minds, as much as they could comprehend, anyway.

Just family was here.

It was decided we would alternate birthday parties.  One year, one would get a friends birthday party and the other a family, and we alternate the next year.

Well, Boo had fun anyway, because family is awesome. 

In spite of our shortcomings.

The girls sure do love their daddy.

Rightfully so.

Every girls should have a daddy like him.

And PLEASE, let's add to our Frozen collection.  lol.

They seem to not mind.  AT ALL.

Speaking of Frozen.

Have I mentioned how much I hate winter?  Maybe hate is the wrong word.


This is my grill on the first snowfall. ( Actually it was not the first, it was the first I took a picture of after the last one had melted) Which was followed 4 days later by another 7 or 8 inches.  Which was followed 2 days later by an ice storm.

It is cold.

We had a nice day in between.  It went up to 40 degrees!!!

It was so warm, when I went out to TSC to get the chicken feed, I didn't even wear a jacket!  And seeing everyone out and about, they, too either had sweatshirts, sweaters or even long sleeve shirts, WITHOUT A JACKET!!!


We felt like we were in Florida!!

It lasted one day.


When John walks out the door every morning, he has multiple layers on.  He actually looks normal.  He always looks like he needs to eat a sandwich, gain 10 or 15 pounds to look right.  Alas, he can't seem to.  What a problem to have.  :P

Anyway, I am back to reading Oswald Chambers.


And the message he has for the day it painfully appropriate.

GOD is good.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sometimes, I can't help but feel defeated.

I know one should not be ruled by feelings.  Rightfully so.

But sometimes the rejection is so painful...

Clinging to the Cross.

Because that's all I have.

And it will be enough.

In the midst of the pain and acceptance.  In the midst of the rejection and panic.

It will be enough.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


I got an email this morning, and I was disappointed.  Again.

The thing is, I KNEW this would happen, I prepared for it.  I made sure that the people had every opportunity to disappoint me. And in doing so, preparing myself for the inevidable.  In fact, I made it so that they could disappoint me without me actually knowing about it!!  But, alas.   :P

I don't know why I allow myself to hope in this relationship.  To tell you the truth, I will probably never give up hope.  I will be a fool.  I will put myself out there... when they let me.  I will continue to put the ball in their court, wait and hope.

While the other part of me will be defeated.


Oh well.

GOD is good.  HE has provided others to fill in the relationships.  HE has been abundant.  HE has been more than graceful.

I will be thankful.

Moving on.

In a week is our anniversary.  I guess I was thinking about it this morning because last night, the girls and I wanted to watch Duck Dynasty's episode of when Miss Kay & Phil renewed their wedding vows.  It was beautiful.  Not because of anything other than the fact that they really had some rough times.  And their motto is pretty much...To GOD be the glory. great things HE has done.

That is a good motto.

John was thinking of complaining because he doesn't rewatch anything.  When he started to say something, I quickly mentioned that the girls requested it and knew that he would not say anything else.  Because after all, they are his baby girls and then the discussion was over.  This happens with the 25 year old baby girl, too.  Still.

We are going to be at a mere 29 years.  I would love to do out vows at our 30th.  John is not a rewatch OR redo kind of guy.  I can dream right?  I mean, look at the beginning of this post.  lol.

Yes, people, I am a fool.

I'm ok with that.

On another note, grandbaby boy #2 is going to have his first birthday in 2 months!!!

Why am I mentioning this 2 months ahead of time?  Maybe because we do 1st birthdays big.  The basic list already has 34ish people on it.  And thats just my people.  I haven't asked my daughter & son in law for their list yet.  Or son in law's parents. lol.   I love birthdays.  Specially first birthdays.  <3

Speaking of birthdays, The Chinese Peanut has one coming up soon.  Like 12 days soon!!!  She will be 7.  Which blows my mind.  She, too,  is my rock and my peace.  Her trust in me is undeserved and humbling, something I have to live up to constantly.  Which makes me thankful.

OK, kiddos are finished with their quiet work, back to teaching!

Seek HIM.  Be holy.  Open yourselves up to others.  Even if they reject you.  Again.

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, Same Hope

YES!  It's a new year!  Yes, I still have the same hope!!!  It's not a *yawn* old hope that I haven't yet achieved and I have to keep recycling.

Not to lose weight, though that would be great.  Not to eat better, though that is the plan. Not to get more organized, though I do need help in that.  Not to declutter my house, though I will try.

It is my hope, my desire to walk more closely to my King.


Who could desire anything else???

It excites me.  It encourages me.  It keeps me on HIS path.

New Year...SAME HOPE!!!!!    :D

Christmas was good.  The whole family was together.  Who can't have a good Christmas that way??!!?

Yesterday was Boo's Gotcha Day!!!

Four years ago yesterday, she was placed in our arms, we spent an hour signing our life away, and got a better life.

The day we got her.

Three weeks ago.

Its amazing what 4 years does to a kid.  


We went to the city last week, and it was crazy!!!  I wanted to go to the Museum of Natural History, see the whale and have the girls be amazed at GOD's creations, but when we got there, the line to get in was out the door, around the corner and made its way back and down the street.



Needless to say, we didn't go there.  We went to the Met.  And saw Mary Magdalene's tooth.  Again.

(When Samuel was little, this would fascinate him and we had to see it every single time we went.) 

My nieces saw it for the first time.

It looks like a tooth.

Moving on.

Anyway.  Back to the school routine.  Which is good.

And to seeking HIS face.  Which is very good.

May you desire to seek him deeply this year.

You will not regret it.

It won't be easy, and sometimes you may wish you were not on this journey.  But looking back, you will NEVER regret it.