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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, February 6, 2014

This Good Day, It Is A Gift From YOU.

Life is so very devastatingly hard.  

But GOD is so amazingly good.

And our hardships are often caused by our sin.  Or at the very least, sin in this world.  

But usually it's us.

And thankfully, HE is merciful anyway.

Well, it's February, which means it is about that time of the year that we put down the deposit on the summer house.

Specially since we are not going to Martha's Vineyard.  That would have required we do that at the beginning of January.

I miss going there.  I don't miss the whole ferry fiasco of getting there, but very much enjoy the island itself. I can't wait for Obama to get out of the White House so we can start going back!!  I was so sick and tired of being there the same week he was there.  :P ::: gag:::  No matter what week we would choose, whether it was the last week in July, the first week in August, the second week in August, there he was.

We vowed not to go back until he is gone.

I even know what house we will rent when we DO get to go back!  We rented it before and it was my favorite.

I can't wait.


Boo had her birthday. 

She is 7.


She is the age I was when I first came to America!  I was telling the girls about my journey here.  It fascinated their little minds, as much as they could comprehend, anyway.

Just family was here.

It was decided we would alternate birthday parties.  One year, one would get a friends birthday party and the other a family, and we alternate the next year.

Well, Boo had fun anyway, because family is awesome. 

In spite of our shortcomings.

The girls sure do love their daddy.

Rightfully so.

Every girls should have a daddy like him.

And PLEASE, let's add to our Frozen collection.  lol.

They seem to not mind.  AT ALL.

Speaking of Frozen.

Have I mentioned how much I hate winter?  Maybe hate is the wrong word.


This is my grill on the first snowfall. ( Actually it was not the first, it was the first I took a picture of after the last one had melted) Which was followed 4 days later by another 7 or 8 inches.  Which was followed 2 days later by an ice storm.

It is cold.

We had a nice day in between.  It went up to 40 degrees!!!

It was so warm, when I went out to TSC to get the chicken feed, I didn't even wear a jacket!  And seeing everyone out and about, they, too either had sweatshirts, sweaters or even long sleeve shirts, WITHOUT A JACKET!!!


We felt like we were in Florida!!

It lasted one day.


When John walks out the door every morning, he has multiple layers on.  He actually looks normal.  He always looks like he needs to eat a sandwich, gain 10 or 15 pounds to look right.  Alas, he can't seem to.  What a problem to have.  :P

Anyway, I am back to reading Oswald Chambers.


And the message he has for the day it painfully appropriate.

GOD is good.


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