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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, August 7, 2014

August, Fat Chickens, and Puppies.


It's August.

Just in case you didn't know, are stuck in a cave, every single calendar at your disposal burned up or was stolen, I thought I would mention that colossal fact.

No seriously, I can't believe it.

In 4 days, Missy Girl will celebrate her Gotcha Day!!  We will once again be on vacation for that day.  The other night, we were having dinner and I happen to mention that fact that this wonderful day is coming up.  When asked what she wanted to do special, her first choice was going out for ice cream.


But then she quickly changed her mind.

This is the conversation that took place:

Missy: Mommy, do you remember that time daddy got that really really fat chicken?

Me: Wait, like in the backyard?

Missy:  NNnnooOOOOooOOOo.  LOL.  He bought it home one day and we ate it.

Me: We ate a fat chicken??!!?!  What does that mean??!!?

Then it dawned on me.  We are pretty much an organic/ healthy eating family.  For the most part.  One time, yes, people, ONE TIME, he got KFC, I don't even think she spoke English well, yet.  Yet...  


Missy:  YES!!!!  It is my favorite.  It was delicious, and I love it more than anything.

Samuel:  ***on the ground laughing***

So, hopefully, CC has a KFC around.  And we will have it for her Gotcha Day.  

Moving on.  Back in the beginning of May, our Daisy passed away.  I has devastated.  I had no intention of ever replacing her.  Ever.  And so we won't.  We are not replacing her, she is irreplaceable ; we are just getting a dog for Samuel.  

We have been talking about it for a month now.  Over a month actually.  At first I whined about it.  Now I am okay with it.  Since it will be his dog, he is going to walk her, go to obedience school with her, she will be his shadow.  He is very happy with that.  I told him he even has to take her on dates.  He was good with that, too.  lol.

After finding out what he wanted in a dog, I looked it up and it was pretty much narrowed to a few dogs.  The most predominant being a golden retriever and the breed we are getting.  I didn't pick the golden because, well quite frankly, I didn't want to.  And then at the end of the day, he picked the other breed anyway, so it all worked out great. 

 I talked to the breeder and we get her the Monday after we come back from vacation.

I guess I need more work in my life.

But then, she IS his dog.  And we went through all the responsibilities.  He is excited.  He even named her already.

Now to make sure his room is clean and ready for the dog & the crate.

School begins soon.   WOO- HOO!!!!  It is exciting stuff.   We have all our stuff ready to go.  Mostly. 

We, here in the northeast start school right after Labor Day.  I have heard it say, the south already started!!!  SHEESH.  Talk about killing summer.

Ok, I need to go.  Packing to do, house to prepare for the house/dog sitter, water the parent's garden, run to Trader Joe's...

You get it.

Till next time, which I hope is sooner than later.