Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, June 5, 2014

It has been an awesome busy month.

GOD is good.  


We went to 2 of our niece's college graduations!!

So proud of them.

We had birthdays, graduations, getting ready for VBS this month, doing research and getting stuff ready for a book club at my house, (because yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have no life so I add more.  :P ), finishing up school with kids who have MAJOR schoolitis, putting transcripts together, driving to activities, starting the garden, having people over for grill meals, dealing with a dryer that doesn't work, not training well for the triathlon, and of course, getting ready for a mission trip and all that that entails, in which preparations started 3 weeks ago.  

And though there is more, I rather not think about it anymore.  I may crawl back to bed.

I got to spend 2 days with my nephew.  I miss him, and I hope he enjoyed our time together.  I sure did.  

I hope we get to see him and his brother when we go on vacation.

I seriously miss those 2.

And look who got a haircut!!

Boo is SO happy with 'A FREE HEAD, MOMMY!"

It wasn't long enough to donate, or she could have cut it shorter, but her hair is one of the things I give in to her choice.

Did I mention my parents went back to the old country.  AGAIN??!!??

They did.  They hadn't been home for 3 months and they went back.

Granted they went for a wedding, so...fine.

But still, I am not crazy about them travelling at their age so much.

Not to mention I miss them.

I'll get over it.  But I will give my mom a hard time about it, because after all, she taught me how to master guilt. 


Moving on.

My son is trying to find himself.

I think that is fantastic.

The only thing is, I have been praying about a good mentor for him.  Not one that will feed him worldly garbage, but one that will give him a vision, where GOD is most important.  One that will pray for him and his heart.  One that will care enough about him, and teach him honor, grace, humility and most of all faith.

Though he is fighting me, at the end of the day, I am his parent, and that's that.  Who ever wants to fight me for him, will have a really bad and ugly fight ahead of them.  I love him too much.

That being the case, we signed up for a SAT/PSAT class this summer.  At his request!!  That funny part is, he has to be at the place at 9am.  The place is am hour away, so he has to wake up early ( for him) during the summer.

Excuse me for a minute.


Thank you.

I am excited for him.  

Still funny seeing as his brain start to really work at around 8pm and stays awake for hours.

OK.  Off to yet another graduation.  But this time it is high school.  

Life is good.

GOD is awesome.

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