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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is my mother's birthday!

And she is getting over being sick.  I went over and tried to convince her to let me heal her naturally, and it was working, but then she freaked and went allopathic.  It is ok.  You can lead a horse to water, but you just can't make 'em drink.

At least she felt super great at one point.

Maybe one day.

Maybe not.

Either way...

still love her loads.

Which got me thinking, I am super glad she is so close to me.  I used to think I wanted to live far away from my parents.  It never happened.  And I am thankful.

Now, if we ever move out of Jersey ( HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA), ( I said IF and that if is almost none exsistent) but if we do, I am taking them with me.

Yes, they are difficult sometimes.

Yes, they have 'their' ways.

Yes, I bet space would be fantastic sometimes.

But nope.  Not going to leave them behind.

We will celebrate on Mother's Day.  I'll pop in today, but the double celebration should be fun!

SO, guess what happened?

Go ahead.  Guess...

John shaved so close to his face, it looks like he shaved his beard off.


He used the wrong attachment.  He went to visit his friend at the hospital and when he got home last night, I about cried when I saw him.  I held it together, but I was stunned!  And sad.  And bummed.

He promised to let it grow again, it was an accident.

But it got me thinking...

Am I that shallow?

Ladies and gentlemen:   YES.  yes i am!!!

Sheesh.  Yes, he is still handsome without it.  But I LOVE HIS FACE WITH IT!!!  Yes, I love it without it, too.  But I am shallow.

Sue me.

His responce was...'at least I didn't accidently cut my hair'.

Whatever.  I am not crazy about the long hair, that accident would be ok. Welcomed, in fact.

But honey, I LOVE the beard.

My friends think I am nuts, but I have always liked beards.  I remember a conversation I had with someone when I was 7, telling them I was going to marry a man with a beard.

True story.

Shallow, people.  I'll own it.

Pray for me.

On another note, We are almost done with school.  And then we have a day or 2 off, and we start...SUMMER SCHOOL!!!  :D

Samuel was really disappointed with his writing/lit class this year, so he wants to take this summer to catch up where he thinks he should be.

Who does that??!!?

Of course, I agreed. We will add math to the bit and just concentrate on that for the summer.  Get ready for...


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