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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Tonight, Samuel and I watched an Areosmith video.  You know....Don't Want To Miss A Thing.

I told him that he probably did it because his daughter was in the movie.

To which he responded...and I quote:  " WHAT?"

Me:  " You know, his daughter."

Samuel: " WHAT?"

Me " Liv Tyler, his daughter."

Samuel: ' WHAT??!!??!!"

Me: " Well, look at them, you can see the resembelence!"

Samuel:  " WHAT??!!??!"

Me: just staring at him.

Samuel:  "NO WAY!!!!"

It took google and seeing some pictures to convince him that Steve TYLER could be Liv TYLER's father.

He is still appalled.  In in semi-denial.



But still it also made me in the mood to watch the movie again.  Not a chance, WhO HaS tHe TiMe??!!?, but it is a nice thought.

Tonight, he also found his long lost retainer.  And now he is moaning and groaning as his teeth TRY to get back into place.

Because quite frankly, it makes me mad to have spent so much money and him mess it up by constantly losing his retainers.

He thought, " Oh I'll find it, pop it in my mouth and it will be fine, mom."

Go upstairs and look at his face.  Not as fine as he thought.

He was in denial.


My turn.

I will be okay when I chaperone our church's teens missions trip next week, and be so busy I probably will not miss the girls.



I am actually looking forward to going and pray we have a holy and fun time, but #1, I WILL miss the girls, terribly and #2 it will be the first time I do this without The Love of My Life.  We have always done this together, but he is so busy with work, he can't go this time around, and denial #3:it is okay.  It is really not okay, but it is.  If you get what I mean.  Not sure I like it, but it is not about me.

Denial.  It is more than the river in Egypt.  Sometimes it is a way of life.

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