Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


We are home.

And as much as we love New England and enjoyed this...

...and breakfast overlooking the ocean...

...and sun all day, so much that we all came back looking like we were trying to catch up to Christian's skin color....

...and having the whole family, including grandbaby boys, stay together at the house all week...

We came home.  

After a summer like this summer, when we were away almost as much as we were home, it felt GREAT to unpack and put away the duffle bags, knowing it was for a long time.  

Or at least until October.

My sons at Mystic Pizza.  We go there WAY too often.  :P  Seriously. 

I begged and tried to get the family to go someplace else, but evidently, I can't mess with tradition.


My handsome with our youngest son.

2 peas in a pod.

Even though he looks like his brother, he has his father's personality.

Now, I get back to reality.  I will start cracking the books tomorrow, in order to get myself together for school.  It is just a whisper away from starting and I believe this year, I am behind. 

Which is not a good plan when our son starts high school.

But have no fear.  It will get done in time.

Speaking of school, last night I checked out the college we are thinking about in order to make sure we get everything in order and requirements are met if he decides to go.

College decision is definitely not a free for all in our home.  So picking a school is very intensive and backed up by much prayer.

And actually going to college is an option, not a requirement.  If by chance, his decision for his future requires it, then good golly, we will make sure he can get in.  But if he decides another option is better for his life, then I will still educate him to the best of my ability, we will do our best to get doors open for his choice, help along the way, and wish him well.

  I know, I know.

College is the 'holy grail' of life in the world.

But not in our home.

GOD, HIMSELF is the holy grail, and learning constant surrender to HIM is our goal.

Everything else is on another list.

Don't get me wrong.  Education is very important.  But it is not GOD.  It never will be.  I don't need bragging rights.  

I desire holy living.

And for my sons to be able to provide for their families. 

I remember in Proverbs there is a saying I will paraphrase:

Don't make me rich that I will forget you, don't make me poor that I steal and dishonor you.

And I add: 

And please don't make me lukewarm, that I am comfortable with the world.

Enough on my sermon.

It is good to be home.

And to look forward to school.

And to sacrifice for HIM in order to live.

Life is good.  GOD is even better!! 

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Janet and Kevin said...

I so agree with you about school. We are a family of teachers, and we believe education is important, but . . .

God is more important. Good post!