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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I hardly ever share my dreams.  With anyone.

I might mention one or two to my kids, but I pretty much hold them close to my heart and leave them there.

BUT I do share one dream with anyone who will listen.

I have never been to Disneyworld.  Disneyland a few times, but never Disneyworld.

We know people who love, love, love it.  We know people who went, thinking it was going to be fun for the kids, and end up loving it themselves.  We are told it is just wonderful and worth every penny.

I imagine if we took the girls, they would be thrilled beyond words and/or reason.

And I have a feeling if we finally get some money, it is someplace we may go.

But I would so much rather go to Patagonia.

That is one of my dreams.

I keep thinking, if we have the money to go to Disney, then lets go to Patagonia instead.  Or Alaska.

I 'discovered' Patagonia about 20 years ago, and from that moment...the dreaming started.

A few times a month, I go online and I google pictures of both places.

And I dream.

It makes my heart beat faster and my mind explode with joy.

If pictures could do that, imagine seeing it with your own four eyes!!!!!

I know dreams usually don't come true, and if I never get to go, that is ok.

But I will wish we could.

Sharing this with my daughter, she expressed it so well.  Disney is man made wonder.  Alaska/Patagonia are GOD made wonders.

True enough.

I will hold on to my dream.  IF someone I know ends up going, I want to drag them to my house and make them share their experience and show me every single picture they took.  I want them to describe everything so I can close my eyes and see it in my mind's eye.  I want them to tell me how they felt, all the little thoughts that popped into their mind, so I can be there, too.  Then I will continue to dream.

I suppose I could settle for Disney. ( If we ever got the money)

But I will dream of my other homes of my heart.

And I hope you, too, have your own dreams.  I hope you keep hoping, even if it never happens.  I hope you cling to them even if no one 'gets' them.

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