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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

:::gasping::: Brain washing??!!??! No wait...Apple picking.

My son has expressed how several times he has been accused of being brainwashed.

I told him that person is right.

I will spend everyday of my life 'brain washing' my children.

Just yesterday, he started on a rampage cloaked self-righteousness and judgement on monumental levels.

I stood in front of him and asked him to look me in the eye.

He struggled because quite frankly he did not want to, for the simple reason that he knew Truth was about to spoken and he would rather keep walking in his own road.

After finally getting him to look at me, I lovingly looked into his eyes and asked him to 'stone me first'.

  Yes, sir, I am a evil, prideful sinner. No different. 

 Stone me first. 

Thus once again, began the brain washing.

HECK YES I will brain wash him.

For those parents who think they will/do not brain wash their kids, they are dillusional, and slightly sad. 

Of course they are brain washing their kids!!  Just because it is not like some one else doesn't mean it is not brain washing.

Brain washing to think they are individuals who don't need GOD in their lives.  A GOD who is 'judgemental and requires too much'.  A GOD who will not let them be 'free' to do what they want.

They are right, but the self same GOD gives unconditional love, grace, mercy, honor, freedom, free will.

The same GOD who gave HIS ALL, at all cost...

... for you.

I feel so very sorry for those kids who are lost in their own wisdom.

Seriously, I know some.

I have heard the arguments, and at one point walk away because they are not interested in reason, they are interested in being right, even if they have to deceive to get there.

May we never cease to pray for them.

Moving on.

Apple picking season is my favorite thing.  Ever.

Have I mentioned she loves everything.


They are so goofy.  And, yes, Boo still needs to grab on to something quick before she falls.  Again.

She is going through a growth spurt.  She looses her balance when that happens.

It was a perfect Autumn day.  Full of family and friends, laughter, rotten apple flinging, telling stories,  taste testing, and of course, runny noses.

GOD is good to us.  All of us.  All the time.

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