Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, December 14, 2013

No wonder no one reads this. I forget to update.

SO, last night, for pizza & movie night at our house, we watched Here Comes The Boom.  Wait...is that the name of that movie?  I think it is.  It was predictably sweet.  My kind of movie.

We really should be watching all the Christmas movies on our shelf.  Oh well.

Now, I am not telling you this because it was such a great movie, though it was cool and weird to see The Fonz so old.  After the movie, we switched it back to tv mode and The Fellowship of the Rings was on.It had about 1/2 hour left.


I forgot how great those movies are!!!

Mind you, we own the trilogy.  Both in regular version and extended version.  But we were too lazy ( and cold) to go to the basement and get them.  We just kept on watching it on tv.  STILL!!  They show EVERYTHING!  Even when the heads were getting Chopped off!!!  Sheesh.

Youngest son went to go see the new Hobbit movie with his friends last night.  I still have yet to see the first one. We own it.  We got it the week it came out.

I probably should see it, but now I want to see the other 2 LOTR movies instead.

I need a life.  

And another 10 hours in a day, AT LEAST.

Moving on.

Our anniversary is next month.  I remembered this this morning because today would have been my sister & bro-in-law's anniversary.  Yup.  Still miss him.  And it reminded me to pray for my dear sister, who in my opinion, lives way too far away.

I saw this picture yesterday on FB and actually posted it on my wall.  It was a REALLY elderly couple kissing and it said What GOD has joined together...

It reminded me to keep running the race of faith.  And boy is our marriage a race of faith in our faith.  Not saying it is bad, well it is sometimes it is. It does have it's potholes, cracks, loads of twists and turns and even some serious drops into the abyss, but I think almost everyone I know can say the self same thing about their marriage at one point or another.

It is all on the altar of Faith.  Its survival, its growth, its joy.

I also remember WAY BACK when we were celebrating our 10th anniversary, how I wanted to play this song:

I think about how I thought we had done such a great accomplishment by being married for 10 years.

Little did I know what the next 19 years would bring.

Now I think I should wait at least another 21 years, on our 50th anniversary to actually deserve a song like that.

This picture is OLD.

It is about 5 years old, when I was a young 41 years.  Now I am closer 50. 

He had short hair back then.  :::sigh:::  I am a fan of short hair on men.  Though now I am so used to his long hair, it is OKish.

We need more pictures together.  I think I have about 4 from these past 5 years.  

I am the picture taker, so I am usually behind the camera.

ANYWAY, seeing this picture ...yup, I love this guy.  

Love is never a given.  Nor is it a feeling.

It is a daily choice.  A job that never ends.  A sacrifice.  A decision to live your life...well. not about you.

Yup.  I love this guy.

In other news.

I am NOT ready for Christmas.

Seriously.  I have 2 gifts.  :P

It is snowing today, but I am going out anyway.

I enjoy Christmas shopping.  Hopefully I will be done this week.  The hardest people will be my sister and her kids.  They are IMPOSSIBLE.  Still it will be fun to look for and find the right gift for them.  THAT may take me the longest.  Who am I kidding.  I hope I can have that challenge done by Christmas Eve.  I guess no matter how hard I try, there is always the receipt so they can take it back.

So...how disappointing is it that both the Steelers and Giants are doing so badly??!!??  They have the same record.  Nothing to brag about.   Who to cheer for the playoffs this year?  Denver is a given.  I love the Manning brothers.  And of course Green Bay.  Other than that...

I love football.  Have I ever mentioned that?

I do.

OK, I have spent enough time here.  There are songs to be sung, food to make, cookies to bake, gifts to buy, movies to watch, books to read, girls to enjoy, teenage boy to survive, husband to love, friends to see, floor to vacuum, clothes to wash.

You get the point.

Until next time:



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