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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Frustrated thoughts

I am always amazed at our hypocrisy.

I don't know why.  One of my favorite quotes is from one of my heroes, Ruth Bell Graham.  In inviting her gardener every week to join her in going to church, he finally said, "Miss Ruth, I don't want to go to someplace that is full of hypocrites."  To which she responded, without skipping a beat, " Well, there is always room for one more!!"

Yup, I am going to talk about a Duggar.

Not Josh.  Enough people are talking about Josh.  Rightfully so.

But now, I can't turn the computer on without hearing about what Anna is going to do.

Here in lies me frustration with hypocrisy.

See, in one of the many things I have read, this one made me want to kick something.  I am not a kick something type of person, so this alone should tell you more than you need to know.

This was written by a woman.  

She said, it was a shame that Anna was uneducated enough to not have the option to leave her husband, as she was homeschooled.  She won't leave him because of her faith.  She won't leave him because she probably can't stand on her own.  She won't leave him because she does not have the support system in place to do so.

(Side note, her siblings have pulled together to support and help her should she leave him, as they are hoping she will do. One of her sisters, Rachel, is going through her own divorce right now.)

At first that was laughable.  Until I started thinking about it some more, as many people I am sure read this.

This is the thought of many regular non Christian people, and having this written by a Christian proves their point.


Here in lies the hypocrisy.

There is this woman.  Quite famous by any standard.  Her name is Hillary Clinton.

I am not a Hillary Clinton fan.  Even if you stretch your imagination all the way around the world, I still can't pull off liking her for any reason.  

Still, people, let's look at the list.

No right support system.
Can't stand on her own.

OK.  We'll take the ultimate feminazi, who has all those things and more. Evidently.

She is educated, has no faith to keep her with her husband, she can 'stand on her own', she has a support system, and her husband is gross to the umpth degrees.

She is a disaster.  BUT, where are the people telling her she is a loser for staying with her skank husband!?!?!

Seriously people.

You are so crazy hypocritical, you make us Christians look 1/2 decent!

Personally, I think Anna should...you know what?  Who cares what I think?!? I have never walked in her shoes, I don't look at into her children's eyes, kiss their precious heads, I don't stare and weep into the darkness of the night, tormented, humiliated and destroyed, wake up, and still live this nightmare.  I am not known publicly and have the weight of my decision be judged by millions who had their own opinions.  Who think they know what is best for her.  

Yes, dear woman.  Cling to HIM.  It is all you have.  One day, you will discover it is all you need.   In its rawest, truest form. 

My prayers are constantly going for your heart.  I can't even imagine. Quite frankly, I don't want to.

My heartache for you is real, though I can't empathize, I can sympathize. 

My prayers are for your children.  I can't imagine having them live through this.  Quite frankly, I don't want to. 

Don't worry about the hypocrites.  It is easier to gossip, make judgements and point and laugh, than to look in the mirror and see what ugliness lies there.  So we cover the mirror and look at ways to pile bricks on the hurting.  

Dear woman.  May HIS grace be on you.

May you know HIS presence.

I know too many people who had horrible moments and turned from HIM, blame HIM, hate HIM.

And every single one of them is miserable, bitter and lonely.

I hope for you.  

Nothing matters more than your relationship with HIM.  Even if its hanging by a thread, don't cut that thread.  It is your lifeline.

It is our lifeline.

HE is faithful.  To the point of death. HE is faithful.

Life is hard.  Life is beautiful.  GOD is good.  All the time.

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