Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, January 21, 2016

I need to come back.

Last night, at the mission class I teach, we got to talking about blogs.

I mentioned I had one for years, but have neglected it.  And I became sad about it.  Because really, when I look back I remember good things.  Hard things.  Fun things. crazy things.

Which is kind of cool since my memory is shot.

Moving on.

SO, we are expecting a snowstorm this weekend.  Which is super awesome since we are going into the city for the weekend for our anniversary.


Excuse my sarcasm.

John asked me last night why it always snows on our anniversary.  It probably has everything to do with the fact that we got married in January.  That's my guess.  I mean, when we got married in church, people were coming in with their goulashes, 1/2 hour late, shaking snow off themselves, trying to calm their nerves.

That was a clue.

That being said, I never mentioned on here for our anniversary last year we went to Iceland.

That's right, no tropics in the winter for us.  Lets go someplace where the very name is all about freezing your butt off.


I would do it again.  It was so stunning and beautiful.  If you love nature and love the outdoors, may I suggest you try to get out there.

If you love shopping, architecture, choices up the wazoo, well then this is not the place for you.

And we saw the Northern Lights.  They made me cry at the wonder and miracle of it.

Oh how I loved it.

This year, midtown NYC.

What does one do in NYC during a snowstorm? When you've been in the city and done it all already?

I wanted to go Lancaster.  He said no.  I guess it was a good thing since we wouldn't have been able to drive out there.  But we have gone to Lancaster in a snow storm.  but about 20 years ago.

But we are older and wiser now.  Whatever, fine.  We are older.

You know what?  I am going to enjoy just being with him.

And that's enough.

Even if we are stuck in our B&B.  Yes there is a B&B in midtown Manhattan.  Who knew?

So.  Check this out.  Weird how they look almost the same age.  But they are 10 years apart.

Yes the son got older and taller.

And a little nicer.

And the daughter has 3 sons.

Who are so precious, they are worth their weight in gold.

Check out the twins on Christmas morning.

No, I do not make them dress the same.

They beg for it.  ALL THE TIME.

They have very few outfits that are the same, they are the special treasured outfits.  lol

And they are still the joy and delight they have always been.

OK.  I can't catch up on everything. This way I will be inspired to write more often.

In theory.

GOD is good.  Seek HIM.

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