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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Grace Makes Beauty, Out of Ugly Things. ~ U2 ~

I am trying to live life differently.

It is so difficult to change sometimes.  It has been a few years in the making...this change. Seriously, it has been about...27 years.

27 years since I surrender to GOD's call.

27 years of continually seeking:


It is difficult to extend grace on the very people who need it.  Piece of cake (sometimes) on those you love or are on the same wave-length that you are in, in general.

But extending grace to lets say...the president.  Or any kind of radicals who destroy instead of encourage those in their lifestyle.  Or people who are spiteful, proud, take advantage of others, defiant ( not ignorant.  Ignorance is lack of knowledge, defiance is knowing, but being too proud/arrogant to change.) Or those who judge on their preconceived thoughts about others, but never really get to know them.

And then there is those who seek to destroy life of the pure and helpless innocent, and call it a 'choice'.

Though I do not hate these people, they do anger me sometimes.  OK, always.

When I went to go see my grandsons yesterday, just for a few, I observed my daughter looking at her 15 day old son with such love and tenderness as she nursed him.  I thought about how so many of these children never had a chance.  I see how helpless he is.  How having to hear him cry, even for those few seconds to let his mommy know he is hungry, just takes any kind of heart to a compassionate place, wishing they could do something to help.

There is this story in the news.  Or maybe I should say, this story never really made the news, though it is so outrages, it is disgusting.

It is the story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell.  (click to get informed.)

I take so much offense to this story.  I take offense as a woman.  I take offense as a mother.  I take offense as a biological mother.  I take offense as a mother of an African-almost-American daughter.  And a mother of an Asian daughter.  I am enraged as a protector of life.  And I am offended by the media, who will be so quick to tear down and tweak a story to destroy a 'conservative', but as soon as one of 'their own' is on trial and the facts are repulsive, you can hear the crickets in the courtroom.

Non biased media?  I think not.

Then I this morning I read this post.

Not going to lie, though I really like her idea and her story, I am not a fan of HOW she writes it.  Just not my style.  But I read it anyway because she usually has gems not to be missed.

Like this one she said today:

The abortion debate draws women and children as unexpected enemies.

Read it again.

And again. 

Women and children as unexpected enemies.

How true. 

How unnatural. 

How tragic.

How hateful.

How unGODly.

When you study the history of birth control and abortion rights, yøu see the desire to destroy humanity. To destroy mercy.  To destroy self control, accountability, responsibility, integrity, truth.

They made it pretty and called it a right.  A choice.  

Pure unadulterated selfishness won.

This is where grace has to come in.

Though I am enraged, as anyone reading this post, all 3 of you should be, and rightfully so...  I pity the people involved.  What happened in your life that made you make these kind of choices?  Made you think they were ok?  Made you look the other way for 'rights' sake?  

What heartache you must have, because we all know...

...hurt people hurt people.

Or maybe it is just plain old greed and selfishness.

Still...that is where grace has to walk in. 

I will look through GOD's eyes, and allow grace to triumph.

I will pray for those who are blind.  Those who are 'wise' in their own eyes.  Those who sacrifice the wrong for something worse. Those who are lost.  Those who reject that which is the very thing their soul cries out for.

And I have to remember,


Seek HIM.

Let HIM change you.

Let HIM fill your life with love. And mercy. And humility.

And grace.

Because as U2 so honestly says:

Grace makes beauty, out of ugly things.

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