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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My guilty pleasure

Unfortunately, I probably have way too many to admit.  

Or try to think about right now, because if I do, I will have to go in a corner somewhere and cry.

BUT, one of my guilty pleasures is:

Country Music.

I know. How did a Hispanic from Jersey, entirely too close to NYC, who has never been south of Washington DC before my daughter lived in VA Beach for 3 years learn to like country music?

Who knows.

BUT come May, two friends and I will be driving down to PNC Center to go see Brad Paisley!!

Life is good.

Hands down though, Randy Travis' concert was my favorite.  It was just... I should not use any of the adjectives that come to mind.

Regardless, I am excited.

Ok, moving on.

I need a haircut.  It looks pretty wild.  

Or maybe a better word is weird.


It takes everything in me to care.

About my hair.

About make up.( as if I own much)

About how I look.

My poor husband.

He is pretty handsome if I can say so. ( even with that long hair. Some things just have to over looked, and one has to enjoy the whole package because after all, **swoon** he has a beard, to top it off.)

And he is stuck with me.

This past weekend, I went to a weekend retreat.  It was not just for women, it was for couples, too.  So there was no ' its just us gals' mentality, not that that is valid either, because evidently we are suppose to impress ourselves.

I kid you not.  I forgot my hair brush.

Yup, I didn't comb my hair all weekend.

And once I left my room after 'combing it' with my fingers, I forgot to care.

I am not my mother's daughter.

My poor mom, too.

She is always up to the nines.

I think I hit about 2.5.

I hear about it every single time I walk into my parent's house.

'Don't you have a mirror?'

'What happened to your hair?'

'Poor John.'

'You better get your act together or he will leave you for someone who looks nice.'

I have heard stuff like this for the last 28+ years of our marriage.

Mind you, I translated all this for you.  It sounds way better in Spanish.  LOL.  

My poor mom.

Every so often, maybe once every other year or so, I walk in all made up, with a great outfit, and my hair done.

The look of pleasure on her face should encourage me to please her more often.

Maybe one day soon.

Still...about my hair, one of these days; when something special happens, like a wedding. 


I leave you with this country music audition.

One of my favorites.  <3

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