Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, April 4, 2013

BABY you are AMAZING!!!!

You know...sometimes I wonder if I am a dope.

I have a feeling I am.  :P

My son was telling me about how something that was considered unconstitutional in a news article he was reading is actually protected by Article 4 section 2.1

Um...he just quoted that without looking it up.

Um...should I be embarrassed that I have no idea what Article 4 section 2.1 says??!!??!  Should I admit it to him???

Should I make him start reading comic books instead??!!?

To tell you the truth, I asked him to 'remind' me **cough cough**what that particular section said.  He did.  Again, without looking it up.  :P  And then he explained why the news article was wrong and maybe he should write the editor and tell him that their writers should check their facts.

Do people write the editor anymore?

He is finishing up his school work while I write this.  He is watching FoxNews and CNN while working on his science.  ( adhd) He hates science, and doing it this way helps to make it bearable.  His teacher is always impressed with his preparation and knowledge of the material, as well as making rational arguments during class.  So I guess doing more than one thing at a time works for him.


I can only do one thing at a time or else I get super confused and usually have to start over.

He gets that from his daddy.

Anyway.. on to more important news...

My baby girl HAD HER BABY!!!!!!!

On Easter morning.

And he is beautiful.  <3

Granted his big brother is also beautiful.  They are different types of beautiful.  They look so different, but I can see their parents combinations.

Beautiful Boy2 is a another miracle.  Ok fine, all babies are miracles, but when I was holding him and he was making all his precious faces, all I can do is stare.  I can hardly give him up to be fed.  It is mesmerizing what a miracle of GOD humanity is.  And for some bizzare reason, HE thought it was a good idea to give me ANOTHER beautiful grandson.  Clearly I do not deserve it.  But I am humbly thankful.

The girls are in love.

When we went over yesterday, they made sure they took their Bitty Babies so they could be just like sister.  Christian told me all her girls had babies.

 Love that!!!

Speaking of the girls, They are growing like weeds.  They need a whole new wardrobe.  I refuse to buy them clothes.  The same goes for Samuel for that matter.  It is a mere weeks before they will need Spring/Summer clothes.  I cannot justify buying cold weather clothes.  Buy them big, you say? Who knows how much they will grow during the summer.  They sure did a good (better than I expected) job this winter.  Shirts that had growing room a few months ago, now look like belly shirts on Christian!!

My poor baby girl.

Speaking of summer clothes, I am making the girls t-shirt skirts.  My oldest son has enough t-shirts for a small nation.  I think his lovely wife will be glad to see some of them go.  They take up so.much.room.

Pulling out the sewing machine and going to sew for a week straight!

And speaking of Spring...

I need to clean out my garden spot and freeze my food co-op delivery for the summer.  I never understood why people do that during the summer when we can actually garden AND farmer's markets are all over the place!  I do our organic food co-op during the winter months because, well, duh.  Finding organic fresh fruits & veggies is more difficult.  But during the summer??!!?  I can go the the farmer's market every Saturday morning and pick whatever I want, as opposed to what is delivered!!!!  And the prices are much better.

Ugh.  6-ish more weeks before the race.  ugh.

I think I gained about 6 pounds back.  I will probably juice for a few days to get back in the groove with good eating.  I had a Coca Cola this week!!!!  Can you believe it??!?  It has been so long.  :P And please don't get me started on how much Easter candy I have been offered by my babies, AND I TOOK IT!!!!


Pray for me.

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