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Friday, March 29, 2013

All That is Good.

Today is Good Friday.

Life is interesting.

There is a big hoopala at this time in our nation about gay marriage being a 'right' .

Rightfully so.

What is my take on this issue, you ask?

You didn't ask?

Well, stop reading if you don't want to know.   I won't be offended.  My opinion and a dollar might get you a can of Coke.

Yet, I am also not interested in my opinion.

And this may get offensive.  So if you are not interested in being offended, seriously, STOP READING.

Truth is...

I can only stand on HIS say.

And HE said no.

Does that mean I am anti homosexual?  Well, the act, yes, the human, heck no!  Just like I am anti adultery, anti sex before marriage, anti pedophilia, anti beastiality, etc... they all have to do with some sort of sex or another.  None are good, for their own reasons.  Some of these are more readily accept more than others in our society.  Understandibly so.  But all are not good in the eyes of GOD.

Does that mean I hate the person involved in some of these acts?


I remember when one of our dear, dear friends was involved in an adulterous affair.  It broke my heart.  I wept.  I prayed.  I loved them. I begged them to stop, I had to remember it was their choice.  I couldn't change them.  But I never stopped caring and loving them.   Though they cause so much pain and heartache, and the consequences were flung far and wide, I never did hate them.  Or reject them.

But I sure hated their actions.

And personally saw and experinced the fallout.

I know many who have had sex before marriage.  They have deep regrets, and yet do not hide the issue.  Because they have repented and been redeemed!

I knew a person who was homosexual, and was so heartbbroken from some of his actions.  He did not demand his 'rights'.  He was in massive physical pain and emotionally distraught.  My heart went to him.  And did I love him any less than my 'Christian' friends?  NO.  duh.

GOD has HIS reasons.

And I trust HIM above all.

I am so tired of our new society that demands selfish freedom.  At this point I am no longer talking about any kind of sexuality.  Though that is a part of it.

I am talking about our (permissive) rights at all cost.

Such as the woman who is blaming the Monster company because her daughter died drinking their stuff.


Did you not instruct your daughter in the dangers of massive amounts of chemicals in your body could seriously harm you or kill you?  Be it so-called food, drugs, or alcohol?

If you did and she still chose to do it, you cannot blame the company for her choices.  If you didn't, it is time to step up to the plate and realize intructing your child was your responsibility as a parent.

I know this, because my son has terribly reactions to sports drinks and food dyes.  Amongst other things.

And yes, he does eat/drink them sometimes anyway.

But he made the choice.  Granted we have to pay for the decision when his behaviour is off the wall.  STILL I cannot blame the company.  They did not come to my house, tie him up, forced his mouth open, and poured their stuff down his throat.

We will fail as parents.  We will. at some point.  I have. That is not the issue.

I really do not want to take a judgemental stand, but part of me is tired of the lack or responsibility on the people.  Yes, I make rotten choices sometimes, more than I wish to think about.  But they are my choices.  I will not blame anyone but myself in the end. ( though I TRY to get away with blaming my husband sometimes lol)

ANYWAY, I can go on for quite a while.

But instead, I will go back to the beginning.

Today is Black Friday.

It is the beginning of the end... of the beginning.

Because, we are set free!!!


Some people mock us Christians for needing a 'crutch'.  You know what I say to that????

 Bring it on!!!

I KNOW how rotten I am, I DO need a 'crutch'!!!!  I have messed up my life so much, I will take all the help offered!  I can be so miserable, help me find the joy!  I can destroy lives around me with my selfishness, can you help and heal them for me??!!?   I can be a judgemental jerk, can you restore my thinking??  I am prejudice...can you let me see people that way YOU see people??!!??  This list is never ending...

YES!!  May the Cross forever be my crutch!!!

GLORY BE!!!  I will cling to the Old Rugged Cross for all the days of my life.

Easter Sunday!!!!   THANK YOU SWEET JESUS!!!

And for those of you who think they are fine without HIM...bless you.   HE desires more for you than you can ever imagine.  But again, HE will never make you.

It is your choice.

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