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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wait...Where have I been??!!??

So, it is still cold.  


It snowed on Friday.

Even though it snowed almost all day, only about 2 or 3 inches stuck to the ground.

Which is about 2 or 3 inches too much.

It could be said that I am not a fan of winter.  Or cold.  Or snow.  Or never being warm enough.

Unless I am under my ELECTRIC BLANKET.   Not going to lie.  My electric blanket??  I love it.  Very, very much.

Even though we are pretty fruity/granola-y/crunchy in our lifestyle for the most part( thanks to my vegan/hippy husband), I have heard through the grapevine electric blankets are not good for your body...

My response to that is:


No one touch my electric blanket.

Do and die.

Or at least get seriously hurt.

Moving on.

My sister came down this weekend!!  She moved far away.  Hours.  And even though she is super happy where she lives now, it is a bummer she is so far away.  It was great to see her.  And it reminded me how much I miss her.  On so many levels.

Last weekend we went to Cabela's.

Son #2's favorite place on earth.   It has everything he needs.  Or wants.  Christian was fascinated.  Elly has been there & Bass Sports before.  It was fun to see it through our youngest's eyes. 

 They have a cool fish tank.  And I use 'fish tank' loosely.  It is a long hallway with neat fish on both sides.  And then they saw the African stuffed animal display.  And I don't mean the cute ones you take to bed with you, but the real ones, that are awesome, using the correct form of that word. 

Then, surprise, surprise...

( if you can read the sign, you will understand)

My husband is not a vegan because it is cruelty to animals.  It is a healthy choice lifestyle.  Our youngest son would like to start hunting.  I can promise you, he will not learn from me.  Me...sit out there for hours on end in the cold??!!??  Without a plug for my electric blanket??!


My rule is...only hunt what we will eat.  I am not a fan of venison, so that is out.

Not a fan of rabbit & squirrel.  :P

But turkey, pheasant, duck, goose, just about anything out of the sky?   Works for me.

They are starting the process with skeet shooting.

THAT sounds cool!  I may have to join them a time or 2!!

On another note, Grandson #2 is almost here!!  WOO-HOO!

Grandson #1?  I can't stand it.  He is so beautiful.  Have I said that before?  He is.  Remind me to remind you about that fact, often.

The newlyweds?  I imagine they are doing well. :)  Don't see them often, and when we do, it is in a crowd, but I can imagine they are doing well.  <3

Youngest son starts high school next year!!!

Can you believe it??!!?

Me either.

I am fixing his schedule.  I have his Science, English, Spanish and Math all set.  Working on everything else.  Harder than one would think, but also exciting and challenging.  After all, it is going to shape his future.  

Last, but not least, I have joined the ranks of reality show watcher.

Yup, I will own it.

Mock me, ridicule, I don't care.

How much do I love Duck Dynasty?


Favorite quote:

"Wearing this uniform makes me want to kick my own butt."

( who said it??)

Oh. my. word. I love this show.

LOL.  Yup worth the mockery.

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