Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I decided.

I am getting new chickens.

I think.

I called our TSC today and asked them if and when their chick days started.  They joyfully told me Feb 24!!!


If they have Orpingtons, I will get them.

I heard on my chicken-raising loop that sometimes...SOMETIMES... TSC will have Polish hens.

I will not get one.  I will not.  I will make sure Samuel is with me and STOPS ME from getting one.

Of course, that was like telling John to make sure we DO NOT get another dog when Shelby girl died.

Have you met Kipper the Dog??

He is a PBGV.

He is 1 year old and has been in our home for almost 6 months.

Which is about 2 months after Shelby passed on.

Yeah.  And telling the girls to stop me from getting chicks...


Like that is going to happen.  :P

So, I am praying they don't even have them at our TSC.

So, we have to pull out the brooder and light and chick feeder and marbles.

All about the same time we start gardening indoors.

Teaching the kids little steps.  Working hard for food.  Good lessons.

Tomorrow our social worker comes for our 6 month report.

The house looks great.  lol. She hardly goes past the living room/dining room.  Still, what if she says, let's go see the girl's room??!!?

Spotless I tell you!  I hardly let them in their room today. lol.

Well, time to check school work.

Life is good.  

GOD is great!!! 

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Lori said...

Okay, REALLY...what is so WRONG with CRAZY POLISH hens??? They are....so, CRAZY, I realize. But they are very HEARTY, let me tell you!!!! I have a hen and a rooster that refuse to die...even under the most ridiculous circumstances!!!!

Just get one...or two. They will make your heart happy, I promise!!