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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Totally useless

So, we are extending our chicken run for the girls (and Arthur) come Spring.

It got me thinking...maybe we should get a few more chickens!  Because you know... I have all the time in the world.  :P

But seriously, the catalogs came in and I shamefully admit to you, I peruse them as though they were a Talbot's or Brooks Brothers catalog...dreaming away, enjoying things I will never buy in real life.

But a girl can dream right??!!??

Well, one would think that I would be buying the they-only-take- 5 -to- 6 weeks-and-then-kill-them-chickens, so we could have home grown organic chicken, butcher them and throw them in the freezer, right?  Buy a whole bunch and be set for months, since we only eat chicken about once or twice a week.


I REALLY want a Polish hen!!!

A Silver Laced Polish hen.  They are totally and completely useless, but so darn cool to look at, I really want one! ( well 5 since they only sell them in groups of 5)

Are they good layers?

Not really.

Are they good in the cold?

Not really.

Are they good for anything?


Having these hens are like parents who have kids as trophies.

Check me out!  At least check out what I got!!!!

I know you know a parent or 2 who is like that.  :P

But seriously...


How cool are they??!!??!

I will probably not get them.

I will once again, go enjoy them at the 4-H Fair come August.  Stand in front of their cage and just look at them because they are so cool/weird/fancy/different/pretty.

And maybe I will get a Buff Orpington or two. ( actually, again 5)  

They are practical, good layers, good in the cold, and big girls.  I DID want some last year.

Or maybe I won't get any more at all.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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