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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, February 18, 2013

Matthew 5: 1- 10

Who said life was going to be easy and we would have all the answers to all our problems at our finger tips?

If someone  told you that, they lied.

Life is good.

GOD is even better.

BUT sometimes life seems hopeless and you may look at your finances, your children, your future, your marriage, your disease, your job situation, whatever the struggle may be, and you weep.

Sometimes you look at your life and your choices, and you weep.

I was reading this devotion this morning.  It was on weeping.  It kind of made the point that is there is no weeping in your life...is there any true repentance?

Well if that is the case, I have repentance coming out the wazoo.  :P  

Seriously though, they may be a point.  How often do we reflect at our lives, our sin, and weep? 


Anyway, things are difficult here.  Not hopeless, unless I think about these things in the quiet of the night, than they are beyond hopeless, they are down right mind-crippling.

But HE is good.


HE doesn't mind walking in the darkness, leading the way.  He doesn't mind our dramas, much.  HE doesn't condecend and condemn at a truly repentant heart.  HE waits for our pride to die, so our hearts may live.  HE shows up, because really, HE never left, we were the ones to walk away.  HE is righteous and just.  And pays the price.  HE is at work, when we gave up.  HE set the example.  HE open the gate.

HE is.

And now...we have to become.

Start with this simple step.  And wait for the rest!

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