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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow and Laundry. I Like One WAY Better Than the Other.

It snowed yesterday/last night/early this morning.

I am not going to put any pictures because quite frankly, if you don't live here, you will be enchanted by the beauty.  If you do live in this area, you can see it for yourself.

And really, I don't want you to be enchanted.  :P

I hate winters.  Snow annoys me, the cold gives me more pain than I want to think about, and I am stuck inside, like a prisoner. Winters depress me.  It is generally a lose-lose situation.


Moving on.

I have been trying different laundry detergent recipes for over a year now.  I have not been pleased with any of them.  My 'litmus' test on how effective they are is:

John's laundry.

Yup, see our laundry, meaning the children's and mine, can be washed with just plain water for the most part.  And we are good to go.

John's laundry...

Well, let it be said, it gets stinky and filthy.  He is not just a construction worker, but he has a special talent for certain things.

I FINALLY found a good combination.  And it is in powder form!!!

WhO KnEw?!?!?

I found it on my friend Lori's post.

It has to be probably the 12th or 13th combination I have tried of the same basic ingredients.  But this is my first powder form.  Usually I do the gels.

And how pleased was I when John's laundry was CLEAN and smelled great!!!  With just 1/8 of a cup!!!!

She forgot to post how much to use, so I asked her.  I was sceptical because 1/8 of a cup is NOTHING.  It is 1/2 of a 1/4 for crying out loud!!!!

Anyway, for those of you who are looking for a good laundry recipe...this is it!

Why make your own when you can just go to the store and buy one?

How much time do you have??!!??!

Anyway, pizza/movie night at our house tonight!  Now to find a movie...

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