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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Turch ( as Elsworth says it)

I was reading this blog that a friend of mine posted today.

I have read several articles on this in the past few years.  I know the statistics, the possible reasons, the possible solutions, etc...

The facts remain the same.

And it is sad.

I liked this post.

Better than most.  It is short and to the point.  It is believable.

First let me start by saying, I have told my older children when they left home.   PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT go to a church that the word 'relevent' is anywhere in their motto, website, whatever. If they are relevant, they will take you down the wrong path.  I told them this at least 8 years ago.  I have watched and learned many things in this world.  A relevant church is a church that will teach you basically that your life is about you.

Which slaps the face of the Gospels.

I told them don't worry about the music.  The music can change at any given moment.  Plus the church is not there to entertain you, it is there to make you see who you are.  And it should never be pretty.  Music is cool, but if you are going to church for the music, stay home and listen to your cd/iTunes, whatever.

Don't go to a church just because they have lots people in your age bracket.  That is dumb and will keep you prideful.  There is MUCH to learn from the elderly... walk with them.  There is much to learn from the children... enjoy the loud whispers in church, for they are learning along side their parents.   Plus, you will one day have children also.  Watch how parents do it now.

Go to church to walk with HIM,to learn from HIM, to grow in HIM.  Everything else that a church like that offers is sweet toppings.  Fellowships, laughter, bonding, are all good blessing from a holy church.

But look at the fruit of the church.  Do the people want to grow their numbers or grow in faith?  Do they care about how they look to a community, or how to look to GOD, HIMSELF?  Is their missions about learning about missions only, or is it more...get out of the pews.  And if they are out of the pews, do they have the constant needs to advertise it?  :P

We have been going to the same church for about 27 years now.  It is not a perfect church, and a few times it has not even been a good church.  We have had our share of struggles, warts, sin abounding. But there is a heartbeat that just never stops.  A heartbeat that seeks to walk with HIM.

The praise team may sing off key here and there, but I like it like that.  We are not putting on a show, we are trying to worship as best as we can with what we have.  It may not be the coolest, prettiest, offers loads of programs church, but we will try to show you the way to the Cross.  We make loads of mistakes, we have lots of hope, we support and care for each other, but hopefully not at the cost of HIS Kingdom.  We are a little church.  And we are surviving.  So be it.

The girls love church.  They ask everyday, is today church??!!??  Samuel still wakes up to go.  Even if he is a rebel that is, seriosuly, without a cause.  Just a hormonal angry soul. I told him to stay home several times, and he won't.

I pray you have a good church.  I pray it takes you to HIS Throne.  Takes you to The Cross.

Because at the end of the day, that is the only place worth going.  Even if there is no 'church' around, The Cross still stands, HIS Throne is still in place.

And for those who are not believers in a Holy, True and Living GOD, then I pray you will seek HIM and walk in HIS ways.

For HE is GOD.  HE does not need your belief to exist.  HE IS.

Get to know HIM.

You will not regret it.

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