Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, March 21, 2013


You know, now I know how my mom felt when I was pregnant and she was waiting and waiting and waiting for that grandbaby to come.

Granted, my daughter has 10 days to her 'real' due date.

Still, any day now!

On another note, I just remembered that we have to set up a celebration dinner night with the whole family to celebrate our son-in-law's passing his Bar Exams.  On his first try!!  For NY & NJ!!

He is one smart cookie.

We are going to The Soul Kitchen!

And maybe we will see Jon Bon Jovi.  He hangs around there here & there.

Confession:  even though all I know is Jersey, I was not a Bon Jovi fan. He was, you know...eh.

But I like his restaurant and everything that comes with it.

Chances are pretty darn good he won't be there, though, because he is on tour.

Speaking of tour...I am going to go see Brad Paisley!!  How awesome is that??!!??!

Another confession:  I love country music.  Been to several country music concerts, but by far and large, Randy Travis' was my favorite.

14 guys on stage with jeans and black t-shirts, sounding like heaven...life is good.

We FINALLY got a country music station here in Jersey last year.


If we wanted to listen to country, we had to go online and grab Philly's station.  But then we were stuck having to have the computer on and having to be at home.  :P


Though, hard as I tried, both my older children are not CM fans, though I think the oldest is coming around.  Samuel on the other hand, he really likes it.  <3  Trying to get the girls to sing along now.  Elly is ok but Christian is thinking, " I came to the USA for ThIs??!!"  Or at least that is the look on her face.

She will come around.


OK, off to a date night with my man.   Really want to see that movie, though I forget what it is called and what it is about.  I will go ask Samuel to tell me what it is.  I told him so I can remember.  :D.  Good plan, huh?

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Lori said...

Oooooh, I am jealous that you are waiting for another grandbaby! Even though we aren't quite there yet (being that none of our children are even married yet!)...I still cannot WAIT for it!

I love that you love country music! My first car only had AM radio and I was forced to listen to CM...and thus, started to LOVE it. Now I know ALL the words to all the old songs (I don't listen to it much anymore...except when I'm with my hubby, who still loves it!).

ENJOY your date! I'm jealous about that too! :)