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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I love my People. And their food.

So, as you may or may not know, I was not born in the good old USofA.

No sirree.

Came over later in life.  Not that much later, but late enough that I grew up on some wonderful things.

That being the case, I super-love Hispanic food.

My mom went back to our 'motherland' as she does often through out the year.  Most of our family is still back home. She came back with food.

And candy.

And food.

I have gained 5+ pounds in a week.

With not a second of regret.  I will work on losing it soon, but this week?  This week I enjoyed everything that came my way.

And a lot came my way.  <3

Son #2 got his braces off yesterday.  He looks...older.  NOT cool.  He is, after all, my youngest baby boy.  Fine, he is 14, but still...

Now to make sure he doesn't destroy his retainer.  :::sigh:::

The new pope has been elected today!

My mom is probably having a cow of joy, seeing as how he is Hispanic.  She has serious allegiance that way.  Not that she doesn't love her new country.  (If you consider being a full blown American citizen for decades a new country, which she does.)  I have been trying to call her with no success for a bit, but I think I can 'hear' her.  I will certainly hear her thoughts soon enough.

Though I am not a catholic, she is.

So, I will rejoice with the catholic people today.  I hope they are happy with the decision.  He sounds like a GODly man.  May HIS blessing be on him.

Just a few more days before St Paddy's Day.

And being married to an irishman... this is not a day to ignore.

I wonder if Grandson #2 will make his appearance by then??!!??

Regardless, it will be fun.  As always.


Lori said...

Okay, WOW...first of all, I am overtly jealous of your authentic Hispanic foods. REALLY jealous. (If we ever get together, this side of heaven, I fully expect you to cook something GRAND for me!).

Secondly, I had no idea they announced a new Pope. I obviously need to turn on the news. Which I will do RIGHT NOW.

Yay for braces being taken off the baby boy!

I'm leaving now, least I embarrass myself further.

Lori said...

I mean, lest. Gah.