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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, June 14, 2013


So, again, thankful for peanuts.  Specially peanuts that come from China & Africa.  <3

I have this cd that the girls love to listen to in the car; it is hymns sung by kids.

I may have mentioned once or twice before, I am a hymns gal.  Enjoy worship music, but hymn lover at heart.

Another confession: I tend to tune out when the kiddos are talking unless they are specifically talking to me.  Probably from the simple fact that they just never stop talking in general.  There is just no way a sane person can keep up with that 24/7.  And I never claimed to be sane, so forget it.  No hope there.

This particular hymn came on and again, totally tuned out.   But then they got to singing real loud-like.

Made me tune in for a second or 2.

Let me introduce you to a hymn.

It is called Bringing In The Sheaves.  Good old time religion type hymn.

At the moment I tuned in, I heard the girls singing " We shall come rejoicing bringing in the cheese."

I looked in the rear view mirror to see if this particular song made them go...huh?


They just sang along like it made sense.

Which ...um...WhAt??!!??!

I got their attention and lovingly ( at least I hope it sounded lovingly, because quite frankly, I was trying real hard not to laugh at the situation.  Again) told then it was Sheaves.  Sheaves. And I explained to them what sheaves were.

And then I asked them why they thought it said cheese.

All of a sudden they both started laughing like crazy.

I guess they tuned into their own yapping.

Which kind of made me glad I am not the only one who tunes them out.  :P

Anyway, they just giggled and laughed and snorted and general lost control.

The cd continued and they sang along with the other hymns, trying to gain some sort of composure.

But you know that time between songs when there is about 2 or 3 seconds of silence?

One of them would say "cheese" and the laugh fest would continue.

At one point Christian said to me " Mommy, make me stop laughing!!!  My cheeks hurt too much!!!!"

Then Elly said 'cheese' and it started all over again.

( Just curious, but how cold I have possibly stopped her from laughing??!?? I was driving and quietly enjoying the sound of laughter coming from the back seat.)

Life is good.

GOD is even better.

May your life be abundant with cheese.

And may you be blessed with cheeks that hurt too much.

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