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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SO, have you ever gotten up in a panic because you have avoided something and it is now catching up to you and you know there is no way to avoid it any longer?

And the night before, you couldn't go to sleep because you couldn't stop thinking about it?

And you even had dreams (nightmares)?

Well, this is what my life is like right now.

I woke up and was thinking about what to do, and I should buck up and face the music, and I have no one to blame but myself, so it is time to put on my big girl panties and conquer it.  Head on.

What is this situation of which I speak?


I am so far behind, I am almost tempted to go to a laundry mat and do it all in one shot.  Load up the suburban, and just.do.it.

Of course I won't.  I will spend all day doing it.  One load after another, until it is all done.

I may even require children to strip down to their undies to feel a sense of accomplishment.

As if they would agree.


How was your week?

Did you get your laundry done?

Speaking of laundry, my mother...I get the feeling that my father's pants don't even hit the floor/hamper before she is folding them out of the dryer.

She is THAT good.

Why am not like her in this regard??!!?

Oh well.

Good thing I am an undies horse.  I buy undies in bulk, then panic so I buy some more.

It is for weeks like this.

Usually, they are busting out of the drawers, tightly packed; more underwear than they can use.  As my husband says, ' they only have one butt, why do they need 26 pairs of undies?'


For weeks like this.

Moving on.

I went to a dance recital this past weekend.  I do this occasionally.  I went to watch one of the girls from my missions class.  She is a lovely and graceful dancer and  I genuinely enjoyed it.  Her dances were over way before the show ended, so I got to watch random people perform, too.

Here is the thing.

For the first time ever, I left this recital and you know what the first thing I thought??!?!?

You will never guess.

I thought"  I am so GLAD I live in Jersey."

Weird, right?

But this recital had such a Jersey feel, it couldn't be helped.

What is a Jersey feel?  How about the 2 girls that were in about 8 or 9 of the dances.   And their dad HAD to be mafia.  You could just tell.  Not scary, just a reality.  Or how about all the Jersey accents when announcements were made?  Or since the theme was STARS, mostly meaning broadway, there was old time Jersey/New Yoak dancing.  You have to live here to get that.  And really, just the way some of these kids walked...Jersey walk.  Again, you've got to live here to understand.

Seriously, I called me daughter to tell her my revelation.  How proud I was to be part of the Jersey Strong heritage.  I grew up here, I married a Jersey guy, raised Jersey kids, this is all I know.

And I am proud of it.

She, of course said something so profound I HAVE TO share it with you.

She said, "duh."

See, she lived in VA Beach for 3 years while her husband went to law school.  They never intended to stay there.  I prayed they would.  I thought, YOU GOT OUT OF JERSEY!!!! WHY WOULD YOU COME BACK??!!??  ON PURPOSE??!!??"

They did not see anything but Jersey as an option.  Yup, I raised a Jersey girl, that also married a Jersey guy.

Who knows what will happen with the younger children.  Our oldest also married a Jersey girl, and they are looking to buy a house about 10 minutes from us. In Jersey. huh.

Interesting how GOD works.  Why did my parents decide on Jersey when they moved to America?  There were 47 other conceivable states, because lets face it, they were NOT moving to Alaska or Hawaii, no matter how much I try to imagine that possibility.

My aunt lives in L.A.  why not move there??

But they didn't.  I am happy to say I am super thankful I am a Jersey girl as opposed to a CA girl.  Phhheeewwww.  GOD is good.

Not saying CA is not beautiful and I loved visiting, but that is as far as I will go.

I want to move to TX.  Still do.  But never will.  The Love of My Life couldn't handle the heat.  So here we are.  But if I can't move to TX, then I am glad we live in NJ.

Ok, I am going to bed.

Good night all.  If you are a believer, cling to the Cross.  If not, SEEK IT!

Lord willing, until next time.

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