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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grace. Of. God

Tomorrow, or by the time I finish typing out this post, will be our 28th anniversary.

28 years.

I should be impressed with myself/us.

I'm not.

Not because it is insignificant.

But because let's face it.


I have nothing impressive to show you.  No advice about how to be a good wife.  No real wisdom of my gray hairs. No list of things to do to have a long marriage. No revelations that will help you through anything.

Just good old Grace of GOD.

HE alone is faithful.

28 years ago, I stood in front of a judge, a young, stupid, terrified, confident, confused, determined 17 year old senior in high school.

Doomed by everyone.

Except for HIM.

And I promised/pledged/made a commitment to something that I had no idea what it meant.

But HE did.

Even when HE was not a real part of my life yet, HE was at work.  HE moved HIS hand.  HE watched and blessed. HE stepped in.  HE never left.

Not going to lie.

Sometimes I wish for a different outcome.  Petty, selfish things, really.

Like...um... a vegan?  A want-to-live-in-a-community-hippie? A crazy Irishman?  Someone that has very little in common with me?  Including the Faith?

Yeah, I wish it was different.

I wish he was different.  I wish I was different.

But it is not the case.

And it is good.

I suppose if I was to give a young wife some advice it would be...

CLING TO THE CROSS.  Start now, when life is sweet, good, loving.  Because it will get hard, there will be anger, loneliness, frustration, tears, 'options', uncaring moments.  And the Cross is all you have. It is all you need.

CLING TO THE CROSS.  Because it will be beautiful, loving, joy filled, laughter full, magical, important, peaceful, delightful, becoming one in every aspect.  And you will need Someone to thank and be grateful to, because you know it is not your doing.


That could stand alone in a wedding ceremony.

Speaking of, I want to renew our vows.  I wanted to do it at our 25th anniversary.  But, since we had just come back from China 9 days before...not so much.

Maybe our 30th.

Am I confident to reach 30?  Only by the GRACE.OF.GOD.

Happy Anniversary, My Love.  Thank You, my King.

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