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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, December 17, 2012

4 more days!

On another note...

We have a wedding in 4 MORE DAYS!!!!

I am getting excitingly nervous.  Why?  I don't know.  lol

I have a confession.

I never did go dress shopping for myself.  My mom, who is a professional shopper (ok fine, she isn't, but she should be!) found a dress, bought it home, had me try it and viola! DONE!

And it was the right price, too!

For those of you who need my mom for such a thing, if you just can't get excited about shopping for yourself...you can rent her.


She is amazing, though.

John looks like a Lord of The Rings character, in a suit.

Messes with the mind, people...messes with the mind.

The girls just about floated when they went to get their flower girl dresses fitted.  The seamstress told me Elena's shoes did not fit well.  She was walking like she was crippled.

I had to explain she has cerebral palsy.

She almost died with embarrassment.  I told her it was fine, she didn't know, and life is too short.

She still almost died.  Dear woman.  Oh well.  Not the fist time.  Won't be the last.

My mom's dress....fabulous.  She look so majestic and beautiful.  But than again, she IS majestic and beautiful.  She asked me if I wanted a dress like that and I had to say, um, no.

First, John would die if I wore a dress like that.  Second, it is too old for me.  But for my mom...perfect.  I love seeing her in it.  <3

( YES, I KNOW I am a grandmother and I am old.  I am TOTALLY okay with that.  I love my status as such. But certain styles...)

My poor future daughter in law.  She is so busy.  I remember, I wish we could help.  But I think sometimes, when you have momentum, it is hard to give up or change the chart/plan/list just so someone could help.

Anyway, 4 more days.  I hope it is a lovely day.

And for the record, snow does not account for a lovely day for me.  My husband? Totally.  ME?  Never.   But lovely for what THEY think will be lovely weather on their wedding day.

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