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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I See It WIth My Own 4 Eyes

I read an interesting article this morning.

In reality, I knew this to be true. But someone had the nerve to print it and let the chips fall where they may.  I admire people like that.

(It may help to read the article HERE as I am going to refer to it.  Or at least make references to the concept.)

The funny part, not ha ha-funny, but things-that-make-you-go-huh funny, is that Samuel & I were discussing this self same thing on Sunday.

Gender roles.  Marriage. Responsibilities.

Gender roles are an interesting subject in this day & age.  People are fighting furiously to blur the lines and make everyone the same... everything 'equal'.

Except people are paying an interesting price for it.   In fact, the general anger/apathy/carelessness(not care-free, that is totally different) in the hearts of the younger generation, mine included, though I am a grandmother ( he is just so beautiful <3 ) is heartbreaking.  And destructive.

People, well, women, don't only want their cake & eat it, too, which is what one is suppose to do with cake, so this is not a bad thing, but they want men's cake, too.  Not just a piece, but the whole cake, fork, plate, and hey...give me the milk, too

And what we get is women who are miserable because they ate too much, are committed to eating to much, hate those around them as if people walked by and gave them the extra cake, and protect their pieces of cake viciously, even if it is what causes their miserable life to begin with!!!

(please excuse the fact that I ended with a preposition)

Now before anyone starts flipping out, and I know it is probably the majority, I am not about being a 'second class citizen'.

I am all about Biblical equality.  Moral equality; where the man & woman have equally important roles and live in harmony.  The man cannot look down on the woman's part because it really does complete him.  It gives him peace, confidence and strength to conquer his role.   And the woman does not covet the man's part because, well...why??!!??

You can come to my house on any given day, and there is a good chance you will find my son outside chopping something, building something,  'shooting' something, climbing something, playing war, trying really hard not to burn the house down, bugging his little sisters unmercifully but if anyone else tries to hurt then in any way having to answer to him and it will get ugly, being dragged inside to do his chores, and trying to escape every chance he gets to get back out there and do his thing.  And my girls?  They are taking care of their babies, doing each other's hair, painting, doing crafts, reading ( or at least making up stories as they turn the pages) looking for the next thing to clean.  No joke. Etc...

And I had nothing to do with it.

You may yell out, " YES YOU DID!!  Probably with out knowing it!!!"  But see, I was raised with that thinking.  'Go out and get every one's piece of pie.'  I fight it every single day.  My family suffers because of it.  It is more natural for me to sneak in my garbage.

But GOD is good.  And faithful.  And right.

And my kids just are this way.

I am just trying to nurture it.  I will fail.  They will struggle. GOD is faithful.

I am glad my girls are girls.  My boys are boys.  May they never question or hate their part.  May they rejoice in their roles.

And as far as the world, who wants to be a covetous, obese, angry soul?!?

They can have it.

They can hate.

I am okay with that.

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