Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

HE followed me in.

My oldest son gets married in 9 days!!  YES, can you believe it NINE days!!

You know what that means?

I REALLY needed to get my hair done.

It had been months.  Last night, my daughter and grandson ( have I mentioned he sure is beautiful??!!??) were over to the house for dinner.  I got more than a few suggestions on how to get said hair done.

Fair enough... it looked horrible.  Dead. Gross. Nasty. Wear-a-hat-every-single-day bad.

SO, this morning, off I went to get the roots done on my 'grey' streak, and a decent cut.

I went to my cousin's hair dresser.  My cousin is one of those people who always has fabulous hair.  I mean a.l.w.a.y.s.  I think she crawls our of bed looking like that.  I should sleep over one night to verify this.

ANYWAY, I figured, maybe she could do some kind of miracle.

Boy did she ever.

I walked in with the weight of the world in my heart.  It has been a hard, oppressive, spiritually drowning last couple of weeks. Maybe even months. But, hey...that is life sometimes, right?

I told her what I wanted done and as she told me later, she thought to herself...piece of cake.

And then...HE walked in.

Yes, that HE...the Great I AM.  The KING of KINGS, the ALMIGHTY, The Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Savior, Redeemer and Lord.

HIM.  Whom I love.  But I had forgotten why.

I can't even tell you how we started talking on this, but before I knew it, HE used her to remind me, to encourage me to continue the good fight, to get out of the pit, to remember who HE is, and who the enemy is, and who won.  To remember the HOPE, to remember the future, to remember today and to remember why we have knees.

I have stubborn hair.


It took over 2 hours to get it to the right color.  That Native American hair of mine.  I love it, and today I loved it even more.  It made me sit there and share/cry/laugh/hope/be encouraged/listen and, yes, even be still and know that HE is GOD.

So, this particular hair dresser is in the mall.  I hardly ever go to the mall.  Even if there are three 20 minutes from my house.

I think the people at the salon were not less than slightly freaked out, or at the least terribly curious.  These 2 crazy woman crying, laughing, sharing, getting excited, talking and crying again.  For over 2 hours.

HE is good.

All the time.

And my hair...well it looks pretty darn good, too.  AND...it feels like silk.

Wedding?  Bring it on.

My hair looks awesome, and heart is renewed.

Who knew??!!?

HE did.  <3

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