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Friday, December 7, 2012

Sad Day

I know sad days are suppose to be catastrophic and painful.

So, let me begin with the fact that this is not catastrophic and painful.

But for me, it is sad.

Two and a half years years ago, for my birthday, my parents gave me something that I have been begging for for about 2 years.

They gave me my nook.

I love my nook.  It has/d 3G. So I could buy a book anywhere.  ANYWHERE!!  Do you know how awesome that is??!!??!

I love to read.  My house (basement) is full of books.  They are a little over powering. Specially when you have a small home.  And you are a homeschooler.  Double-whammy trouble.

ANYWAY, I was minding my own business one evening, reading into the morning, when all of a sudden, I went to turn the page and it blanked out.  I couldn't turn it back on.

Usually it will tell you to charge soon because the battery is dying, so this was shocking.

It died.

Last night I took it to B&N to see if they could fix it.  I was there for almost an hour and a half, hoping/praying.

While I was there, another woman was there wanting her nook fixed also.  Wait, no.  She did not want it fixed, she wanted it replaced.  A brand new one.  The newest most modern one.  She was angry because they were not going to replace it, just fix it, because it was fixable right there and then.

Not me.  I want THIS one. I am not interested in bells & whistles.  I don't want everything under the sun at my fingertips.  I want this nook with my 3G.

I want my books.



It died.

Sad day.

Here is my plug for B&N.  They offered to replace it with another nook of my choice for 1/2 the price. I thought that was incredibly generous, because quite frankly, my warranty had expired a while ago, and what probably happened to it had to do with something I did to it.( read: youngest son did to it).  They could have just said 'Stinks to be you', and made me buy a new one for full price.

Generous, I tell you.

Ladies & Gents, I think in this world, I would be considered a loser.

I picked the simple touch.

No bells & whisltles.  Just the books, people, just the books.

My husband has a nook color.

 I have to admit, it is pretty cool.  But it is not for me. He likes bell & whistles, though he will never admit it.

Anyway, I will miss the 3G terribly.

Finally ( the name of my nook, when you started it, it would say FINALLY is starting up.  lol.  Seriously, I was so happy I FINALLY got one) was a good friend. It went with me everywhere I went.  It made me laugh, it made me cry, it taught me lessons and entertained me. I was there when I was frustrated, and when I was over anxious.  And it had The Word of GOD at my fingertips, anytime I wanted without the physical weight that ususally comes along with that.

I stole moments with it when I was waiting for the baking to be done, when at the doctor's, when I couldn't sleep again, when I was waiting for my husband to get in the car, when I needed to escape my reality and when I needed to get grounded in my circumstances again..

Good bye dear friend.  It was a good run.

I wonder what I should name my new one...

PS, everyone of the readers in my house has their own nook.  I am a big fan.  :)  I thought I would miss the feel/smell/experience of turning the pages of a physical book.  It took about 15 seconds to get over it.  And the sheer number of how many books I have in my nook, not to mention the family has in their own nooks, would be taking up A LOT space in our house, so it is worth it.  AND you can get library books on it, just like a real book from the library... for FREE!!!!  <3

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