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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, December 31, 2012

Here It Comes!!

New Years is about 5+ hours away.

It has been some kind of year.  Great, scary, funny, sad, happy, hard, learning, escaping, denying, facing...

I like New Years.

It makes you feel like you can start again.  I can afford to start again.  And again.

And again.

School is going okay.  It will get better.  We are doing a new schedule when we start in January.  More for my sake than the girls.  Oh, probably for Samuel's sake, too.

Speaking of Samuel, I am thankful for the opportunity to spend so.much.time. on my knees.

It is tough.

Tougher than I want to talk about.

Or think about.

Or face.

But GOD is good.  And I am thankful.

I am thankful GOD allows free will.  I am thankful I can't 'save' anyone.  I am thankful that I can't be bitter about people's choices, because they are theirs to make.

Sometimes my heart breaks for them.  Specially when I know the consequences.  And when they know the consequences and still go ahead.  And the consequences happen... to their shock.

And then the anger appears.  As though it is anyone's fault but their own.

Then the arrogance and pride kicks in.

And then the separation.

Good grief, let me move on!!!

Son #1 GOT MARRIED!!!!!!

The wedding was so beautiful.  It was on the 21st and needless to say, it was Christmas-y.  And dreamy; and romantic.  The bride, who is now my daughter in law, looked absolutely stunning.  I know brides are suppose to look like that, but if you saw her, you would agree with me.  

Speaking of.. I have a daughter in law!!!

How cool is that??!!??!

And I'm not gonna lie...she is a good DIL.  I pray we have a good relationship.  I love bragging about her.  She gives me loads to brag about.  :)

Grandson #1   gets cuter and cuter by the minute.  I don't know how we were the lucky ones who got such a cute grandson, but HEY....not going to complain.

The 'twins' are doing well.  True blue sisters.  Arguing, loving, laughing, helping, giving the skank eye, falling asleep in each other's bed when they are afraid of something, teaching and learning from each other.

Yup. they are doing quite well.

Love them to pieces.

They make it easy, too.

This new year is going to be good.  I hope to draw into a deeper relationship with my King.  When that happens, everything else will fall into place.

Not saying everything will be perfect.  In fact, things have a way to looking worse sometimes.  Just saying the anchor will be in the right place.

I wish you a holy and beautiful New Year.  May you know HIS presence.  HE does not need your belief or your love.  HE still is.  And I pray you get tot know HIM, and if you already do, may you know HIM better everyday.

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